Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmys Recap

Looks like your prescious little Mad Men will get at least one more season.

For those who couldn’t stand to sit through the 2 to 3 hour self-love fest that was the Emmys last night, I’ve compiled a list of highlights:

Mad Men won best drama – Red must be so pleased.

Tina Fey is really good at giving acceptance speeches – It’s a tie between Jenny Lewis and Tina Fey as to who is my biggest girl crush right now, but until Jenny proves me wrong, I’m going with Fey as the better speech giver. She won 3 statues for 30 Rock, for writing, acting and Best Comedy, and all three speeches made me laugh. One fav line: “Thank you to my parents for raising me to have a confidence level far above my looks and abilities.”

Bryan Cranston won, and is adorable - I’ve never seen his show, but who doesn’t like Byran Cranston? (Better known to me as the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle). His acceptance speech was cute, thanking his wife, daughter and sister.

Paul Giamatti specifically thanked his fake wife over his real wife! This was awesome. Giamatti won for playing John Adams in the miniseries biopic (which is really good, btw) and he got up and there and said, “I need to thank my wife,” and they show his wife looking all proud and happy, and then he corrects himself and says, “Not my real wife, my fake wife, Laura,” meaning Laura Linney, who played Abigail Adams. The camera is still on his real wife, who throws her hands in the air in a “WTF?” kind of gesture. Comic gold.

Five hosts are a terrible idea – Why is there Heidi Klum? I know Red loves her, but I found her very unlikeable. Of course, I’ve never seen Project Runway. But really, the whole idea of having 5 reality/game show hosts MC the Emmys was a terrible idea anyway. The bit where they gave out the award like it was a reality show was kind of funny, I guess, but only because we didn’t have to hear them talk for a while.

Conan O'Brien is still the funniest guy ever - Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart get a lot of well-deserved attention and props these days, but Conan is still the best. One of the best parts of any TV-related awards show is when they show the nominees for writing on a variety program, because all those shows - Letterman, the Daily Show, etc - usually make a big joke out of it, showing the writers doing stupid things, or showing people who aren't actually the writers. For Conan's bit, they kept showing all these little kids of different ethnicities when they said the writers' names. Like it was a class picture or something. But then it pans back, and it's Conan in bed with Angelina Jolie, and there's like 20 kids in the bed, all from different countries. Maybe you had to see it, but it was hilarious.


Dr Zibbs said...

Worst Emmy's ever. Especially the theme show number.

Red said...

Yay for Mad Men! John Hamm looked so very fine.

And Heidi Klum is adorable on ProjRun.

Also, that Bryan Cranston win was awesome. I was so excited.

The best part of the show was Ricky Gervais, though. Funniest man on the planet.

Liz said...

Yes, I meant to mention Ricky Gervais. And Don Rickles! Who knew that guy was still funny? He was a highlight I should have included. The whole show was weird.

BeckEye said...

Red: ProjRun?? Please don't tell me you just typed that. Please don't tell me you actually SAY that. God, stop trying to make ProjRun happen! It's so not fetch.

Liz: As a so-called pop culture blogger who didn't bother to watch the thing, thanks for recapping it. Now I must go search YouTube for that Conan bit.

BeckEye said...

And the Gervais/Carrell bit.

Red said...

Becks: I blame Garney. I used to call it PR, but he started typing ProjRun and I picked it up. I never actually, verbally call it that if that makes you feel better.

Garney said...

I don't understand why Jeremy Piven had to win a third time in a row for Entourage, but I appreciated his remark about how stupid the opening bit was, but even better was when NPH blamed Howie Mandel for his bit with Kristin Chenoweth being cut for time.

Red... maybe I'll start calling it ectway because the last thing I want to be is unfetch. I think the Klumdom can be pretty funny when she wants to be (fingers crossed that Klumdom gains Beck's approval).

Malcolm said...

I wish I could have caught Don Rickles last night. I searched the net to find a clip of Don from the telecast, but gave up after about ten minutes.

My guess is that the producers will abandon the 5 host format next year. If they are smart, they will bring back Ellen Degeneres to host the 2009 ceremony.

As for Heidi Klum, Seal is a lucky mofo.

Gifted Typist said...

Gervais is the funniest thing to come along in a long time. Always liked the Brit Office better.

tkf said...

I think they should just let two writers from each show nominated for best comedy writing, get together, and write all the jokes for the show in one weekend.

words words words said...

I have still never watched the Emmys except for the year Conan hosted. If he hosts again, I will watch again.