Monday, September 22, 2008

Top 5: Things I Accomplished While Quasi-Unemployed

I'm back to work today, people. Turned out my "furlough" was really code for "take 3 weeks off (mostly paid) and realize your suspicions about the awesomeness of never working are all completely true." I did accomplish most of what I set out to do (Lost is effing amazing), but here are 5 things I accomplished without even trying (suck on that, To-Do List!):

1. Watched Six Feet Under Season 1 - I mentioned this before. I'd really like the show if they'd kill off Rachel Griffiths and Jeremy Sisto. I am told this never happens. So, SFU, I am done with you...which is probably good because I need all my spare time to watch all 4 seasons of Lost.

2. Consumed New, Made-Up Cocktails - Let's just say Crown Royal and Grapefruit juice is delicious. Who would have thought?

3. Got a New Haircut - It's so short, I keep catching myself in the mirror and thinking some crazy, strange redhead is in my apartment, realizing it's me and saying, "Damn, girl! You look good!" (because, apparently, I am totally ghetto when I pay myself compliments).

4. Linked Everyone in Reader - You all may have noticed I've not been site stalking you lately. It's mainly because I hate sitting at my computer at home, but it's also because this guy was right. Subscriptions are the way to go.

5. Obtained and Promptly Paid 2 Parking Tickets - The city comes through and sweeps both sides of my street once a month. There are clearly posted signs telling you when this will occur and that you will be ticketed should your car be parked in the forbidden area between 7 and 10am on the predetermined sweeping days. Usually, I am at work when this occurs. This month, I was not. So, I forgot about the damn sweeping on the third Monday of every month and received a $40 ticket for my poor memory. Later that same week, on Wednesday, I parked on the other side of the street...when the sweeper comes through that side...and received another $40 ticket for being a complete moron. Use my $80 wisely, you city of San Diego bastards!

That is everything I accomplished in handy list form. While I can't say it's good to be back at work, I will say it's nice to have a paycheck again. My crazy rock-and-roll lifestyle cannot abide a budget!


Mathdude said...

I'm sure the city will use your money for Cry-In-Our-Beer Day, the day the Padres are elimin...oops, that was July 9th. I guess they'll use it for the Charger one. Let's see, that'd be October 20th by my calculations. Have fun!

Poobomber said...

That sounds like an awesome break - especially the part where you followed my recommendation!

Garney said...

You're depriving yourself of one of the greatest series finales of all time by giving up on SFU. You were already more than 20% of the way there.

Winter said...


Liz said...

I still don't get how you can hate Rachel Griffiths

pistols at dawn said...

Everyone I know got really disappointed by season 3 of Lost, so I figure I can skip it, because if I want disappointment, I can just sleep with myself.

But congrats on being back at it! Wars aren't going to monger themselves, you know.

words words words said...

1. Garney is right. So right.

2. You clearly had a plan for your time off. I could have used that.