Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top 5: Things to Accomplish While Quasi-Unemployed

So, it's happened. The warmongers realized I am too full of sunshine and happiness to contribute to their evil schemes any longer and they've placed me on furlough (basically said, "Here. Take a month or so off work (unpaid) and we'll call you back if we decide to go with a redhead who is taller than all the boys and will always be relegated to the old lady/mother roles and never get to play the female lead with all the good songs." Sorry. I just regressed to my childhood musical days there for a sec). Anyway, so, yeah. I have some free time, people. Here's how I plan to fill it:

1. Finally watch season 1 of Lost - Because I'm not nerdy enough, I must find out what Liz is always blabbing about. Smoke monsters? Hidden hatches? Let the obsession begin!

2. Decide whether or not I want to move to the East Coast - Virginia and South Carolina are my options. What say you, East Coasters? Am I crazy to leave the glory that is San Diego?

3. Perfect my Moose Tracks and peanut butter ice cream recipe - Really, 75% of my time will be spent on this one.

4. Revel in the new season of America's Next Top Model - The new season of model insanity begins tonight. This is my guilty pleasure show and I don't care who knows it. Bring on crazy Tyra!

5. Venture...Outside! - Yes. The time has finally come. Time to leave the comforts of my apartment and go for a walk...or to the beach...or to read in the park nearby. I'm not saying it will be easy, but, bygod, it will be fun! Or probably not. Who knows really?

Really, my days will turn into this:


Liz said...

Sometimes when I'm out driving around for work at like 10 am on a Tuesday, I'll get stuck in traffic. And I'm like, "WTF?!? Who are these people? They can't all be going to the same thing I'm going to. Don't they have jobs they should be at?" And now, you'll be one of those people. Clogging up my streets and making me late and causing me to swear. Congratulations!

Falwless said...

I'm with Liz. I ALWAYS WONDER THE SAME THING -- where are all these people going and why aren't they at work?!

I really don't know what to say. I would sorta think you're crazy to move, but everyone needs a change of pace and scenery right? All I'm sayin' is get ready for some serious humidity.

pistols at dawn said...

As someone who doesn't hate black people outright (not yet, anyway), I can't recommend South Carolina to anyone. Then again, VA still hasn't banned smoking in bars, because it's the home of King Tobacco.

Plus, as I remember all too well, CA had better unemployment benefits. I'm kind of a fan of those, because it's like working without having to go anywhere.

words words words said... cream?

Red said...

www: Sometimes I make ice cream, yes, but mostly I buy Moose Tracks and mix in peanut butter. I need to work on the ratio.

Jon said...

I really appreciate the fact that all of the posts on this blog are in a handy, easy-to-digest list format. It really makes life easier for functional illiterates such as myself.

Garney said...

I also haven't ventured into the world of Lost but plan to one of these days. After having lived in VA for almost a year now I miss San Diego every day, but it has to be better than the Carolinas.

Peanut Butter in ice cream is like my whiskers on kittens.

BeckEye said...

I understand there is an actual hot tranny mess on ANTM this season. I flipped over to it quickly during Project Runway last night, but got bored. Tyra looked ridiculous and I was annoyed that she just decided that two of the Brittanys had to change their names.

McGone said...

If you have any questions about Lost, don't hesitate to ask me in case you want me to ramble for a few days.

Embrace the Lost addiction. Jacob Loves You (Whoops... sorry that last one is a season 3 reference).