Thursday, November 8, 2007

Add This to Your Queue

This past Tuesday was Election Day which means a year from now we will have elected a new president. Isn't that exciting!?!? Obviously, there are people I favor over others, but I am really looking forward to a change. In that spirit, here are two political documentaries worth checking out:

No End in Sight - A heady look at the war in Iraq. I won't say it's completely balanced, but it's the most comprehensive and seemingly accurate film I've seen on the war (in other worlds, this is no Fahrenheit 9/11). The film relies on top officials who were actually present in Iraq during the first few years of the war to tell the stories of what went wrong, who made the tough decisions, who ignored intelligence and counsel, who tried to fix things and do what's right. It's a troubling film, for sure, and as it's title suggests, make it almost impossible to see a way out of the war.

Run, Granny, Run - On a much cheerier note, Run, Granny, Run is about a 94-year-old great-grandmother called "Granny D" who decides to run for Congress in New Hampshire when the democratic nominee drops out last minute. She faces a real d-bag in the incumbent republican senator and is a major underdog because of her age, lack of political experience and refusal to take any money from corporations or special interest groups (in fact, at age 92, Granny D walked from California to DC in support of the McCann/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill. She kicks ass). However, in the end she comes further then anyone could have imagined. Her story really is inspiring.

These films have really fired me up for the coming year. I mean, c'mon...things can only get better, right?


Liz said...

I've been meaning to see that first one and the Granny one sounds fun. Thanks!

Garney said...

I tried to see No End in Sight in Fashion Valley but I went the Friday after it opened and it was already gone after one week... I guess the title didn't apply to its theatrical run... so I ended up seeing Shoot Em Up which was the worst political documentary I've ever seen. Pretty decent action movie though.

Run Granny Run is available on demand from HBO... I've been meaning to check it out. Now I'll make a point of it.