Monday, November 5, 2007

Hip-Hop Report, "Give Kanye his Grammy" Edition

RIP Jay Dee

-The J-Dilla Lupus Walk in SF was this past Saturday. The Detroit producer that revolutionized the 90's sound died in March of '06. In JD's honor, here are some downloads of up-and-coming D-town beatmaker Black Milk. [Spliff Huxtable]

-Aesop Rock's new video for "Coffee" is set to debut on MTV U. His latest album None Shall Pass, is definitely worth a listen. [Def Jux Records]

-Listened to the new Kanye album, and was really surprised, gave it about a 7/10. Well, the world must be coming to an end, because the snob-a-holics at Pitchfork gave it an 8.7. Here is some random Kanye myspace, check out "Homecoming" w/ Coldplay's Chris Martin.

-New addiction: Stone's Throw Records Podcast. Lots of cool re-mixes and classics.

-Arrested Development is releasing a new record, and back with their familiar brand of socially conscious funk/hip-hop. The video of their first single, "Miracles," is already out.

-Went and saw E-40 over the summer, and couldn't believe it when he said on stage that he was releasing a line of sports drinks. Well, "40 Water" is finally here. [Pro Hip Hop]

"Nothing Like This," off J-Dilla's the March posthumous release, Ruff Draft.


Red said...

Nice to see you here...finally...thanks for bringin' some testosterone...and some links. You are the link master!

Liz said...

Yeah thanks for the street cred Dave. Lora and I's taste in music is way too white.

Dave H said...

No problem. The links are fun because I surf for a lot of that stuff anyways.

If you guys want more street cred, just use the letter Z at the end of everything.

For realz.