Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trainwreck Watch - Amy Winehouse

I like Amy Winehouse...a lot. I think her album is one of the freshest things to come out in a long while (which is funny because her sound is very old), but she really is a trainwreck. Between being arrested in Norway for drug possesion, her father-in-law encouraging people to boycott her until she goes to rehab (which, c'mon, how could she at this point? Her biggest hit would be a complete lie!) and her husband being thrown in jail, the broad's had a rough year (yes. I'm bring "broad" back). Now, looks like her UK tour is already a huge mess. I would feel sorry for her (if her issues weren't 100% her own fault), but I must say, it's nice to have someone fill the void left by a rehabilitated LiLo (for now anyway).

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