Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Heroes, You are Forgiven...For Now

Dear Heroes,

I hereby accept the apology made by your creator Tim Kring and grant you a stay of DVR deletion. This week's episode was pretty good. Hiro finally got out of Japan, Claire and Superboy broke up, and most of the new characters where, thankfully, absent. I think you may be back on track and your realization of the many errors you've committed this season is a sign of real maturity (also, shots of a half naked Milo Ventimiglia will win you points every time).

Of course, there are some stipulations I need to make to ensure you have a life beyond your Dec. 3 finale:

1. More K Bell. One can never have enough Kristen Bell, but please let her do something other then play Veronica Mars with electric hands.

2. The creepy twins, the girl with the crappy southern accent (and photographic memory) and Molly must go. There is no room for negotiation here.

3. Make good on your promise to avoid romance story lines. We want action! We want blood! We don't want people making out on couches while annoying toy dogs watch. That's just weird.

I think we have reached a real turning point here, Heroes. I'm happy you are getting back to form. Now, try not to screw it up.




Garney said...

I don't have any complaints with the new season. It's staying true to its comic book form and evolving the way it should.

Granted the new characters on the whole aren't as interesting as the original, but what are you gonna do?

Liz said...

I wholeheartedly agree, Heroes is back on track and has been removed from my TV chopping block. I think we're learning more about K Bell's character next week. I actually don't mind Souther Copy Cat/Muscle Memory girl, but yeah, the twins and Molly suck. (Is it wrong to say an 8-yera-old girl sucks? You know what? I don't care)

Nooch said...

I second Milo half naked and raise you a half naked Milo while being showered down and screaming.