Friday, November 2, 2007

The Revolution will not be Televised (Unless it's written by non-union writers)

When I think of union workers, I think of dockworkers in scally caps and battered boots toiling in the rain to put food on the table. When I think of Hollywood writers, I think of mansion-dwellers in smoking jackets who drive fancy cars and snort coke off gilded mirrors. For reasons I’ve never understood, my mind’s eye thinks it’s 1924.

But it turns out Hollywood writers are union people too, and this Monday it's almost certain that they’re going on strike! Depending on how long the strike goes on, we could be in for a few months of reruns.

The sticking points appear to be driven by confusion over the entertainment industry’s favorite scapegoat right now – the Internet. Something about producers not wanting to give writers credit for streaming video because it’s considered promotional or something.

My question: Does this mean there’s opening for a writer on The Office or 30 Rock or Grey’s Anatomy? I’d totally be a scab for a chance to meet Tina Fey or fix that horrendous George/Izzie/Callie love triangle.


Nooch said...

Along with the interenet issue, I believe it also has to do with DVD sales.

Here's the kicker.. while they are on strike I will have to resort to the internet and dvds to watch some of my favorite shows. Now that is ironic.

Red said...

I will join you as a scab Liz! I had a dream John Krasinski and I fell in love at first sight...I need a way to make this happen!