Monday, October 8, 2007

Add This to Your Queue

This weekend, I received Jekyll from my good friends at Netflix. It's a modern day Jekyll and Hyde story from the BBC (who make all things wonderful and entertaining) and stars James Nesbitt and Michelle Ryan (aka the new Bionic Woman).

Nesbitt is Dr. Tom Jackman, a descendant from Dr. Jekyll. He realizes he has a dark alter ego and attempts to keep it in check through CCTV and audio recordings (telling his Hyde he will turn himself over to the police should Mr Hyde ever get out of hand). Ryan plays his assistant of sorts who makes sure all runs smoothly between the two personalities. There is also an evil corporation out to get the doctor (run by a Brit playing an American...his accent is pretty bad, but it's kinda funny to see how others portray us elsewhere) and presumably use him for their evil plans. Add a fair amount of blood and guts and scares and you've got an awesome horror/thriller. Just in time for Halloween.

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