Monday, June 2, 2008

At the Movies: Sex and the City

After a few Cosmopolitans, Liz and I (along with some of our closest friends) journeyed to see Sex and the City: The Movie last night. While I generally liked the movie, I did have some issues with the choices made. So here now, in the laziest way possible, I present my favorite and least favorite things about SATC: The Movie (I should warn you, there are some spoiler-ish details ahead. If you haven't seen the movie and are planning to, 1) what kind of fan are you to not see it on opening weekend? and 2) You may want to skip this post):

Aiden Shaw (The Good)

  • The Cast: It was great just to see the girls and Stanford and Harry and Smith and Anthony all together again (even if they did look freaking old...except for Kristen Davis. Someone get me the virgin blood she drinks to remain so gorgeous! Seriously, not fair).
  • The Clothes: Patricia Fields pulled out all the stops to make the ladies look phenomenal. The film was basically 2+ hours of fashion pornography. Highlights include the Vivian Westwood wedding dress, the blue Manolos, the Zac Posen bridesmaid dresses and J. Hud's Louis Vuitton. Fabulous.
  • The Jokes: SATC always makes me laugh and seeing the film in a packed theater of fans was a lot of fun...and really pretty hilarious.

Aleksandr Petrovsky (The Bad)
  • The Assistant: As much as I like Jennifer Hudson, her story line was so unnecessary and convenient. If the creators were so determined to inject some color, they should have just brought back Blair Underwood. Mmmmm...Blair Underwood.
  • Mr. Big: Other than his wedding day freak out, everything about Mr. Big seemed out of character. The man we've grown to love to hate over the years would never have agreed to write his own vows. Or needed "just a look" to motivate him to get him out of the car. Chris Noth looked gorgeous, but someone forgot who Mr. Big really was. It felt really false to me...the whole character.
  • LA: I understand why Samantha and Smith were in LA, but their story line (down to the lame, Samantha-like dog) grew very tired, very fast.
  • The Plot: The whole thing was a bit, well, lacking. Not much happened and the little action there was wrapped up so neatly at the end. Kinda made me feel silly for caring. Oh, wait. I feel that way anyway.
There you have it. What did you think?

P.S. Fellas (if you've read this far...which I seriously doubt), I promise this is the last SATC post you'll ever read...unless there is a sequel, natch.


pistols at dawn said...

Promises, promises.

Liz said...

Samantha's dog made me laugh. Of course I am, at heart, an 11 year old boy.

BeckEye said...

It just felt like another season. Like I grabbed the DVD and watched a marathon. I liked it though, because I liked the show. I can't imagine anyone seeing this movie who wasn't a fan of the series. If anyone does see it who's never seen the show, they will be bored and/or annoyed.

The bad (for me): My ass fell asleep. It was way too long. There was a lot of stuff they could've cut out, like the pointless Fashion Week segment. Yes, we get it. Carrie likes fashion. Move the story along!!

Sharon said...

Omg, I'm still just weirded out/annoyed that SJP crawled into bed with Big wearing a full face of make-up, pearls, and underwear. Seriously. Who. Does. That.

WendyB said...

Was I the only one who thought the Miranda plot was terrible?