Monday, June 9, 2008

Brokeback!: The Opera

In an attempt to out-gay Broadway, the New York City Opera is developing a stage production of Brokeback Mountain. Here are some song titles in the works:

"Fishing" on Their Minds
I Don't Know How to Quit You
Jack Twist (More like Jack Nasty)
Anne Hathaway Topless

I'm sure you'll agree, this sounds totally, awesomely bad (and my song titles are terrible. I should have made Garney write this post).


Garney said...

I didn't know you had already posted this when I sent you this:

Bareback Mountin' on Brokeback Mountain

The Jack Twist Twist

Doin' the Jack Nasty

Joe's Suspicions (Sump'in Queer About Them Two)

Homosexual In Tent

Jack's Song For Ennis
That first night I was wit ya
Next mornin' had to hit ya
Now I gotta git ya
Wish I knew how to quit ya

Dave H said...

Is there a song that involves some kind of reach-around?

feathers said...

ooooo!!!! I can't wait to audition for it when it comes to a regional theatre near me! I'd make a wicked Alma singing, "What's my husbands tongue doin in that man's mooooouuuuth?"

pistols at dawn said...

I like the Anne Hathaway song.

A lot.

Dave H said...

"It's a beautiful day in the Gay-borhood..."

Falwless said...



Seriously. A Brokeback Mountain opera? Seriously? Seriously?


BeckEye said...

For some reason, I'm hearing a big, baritone voice singing "Fill my man pit" instead of "Kill the wabbit."

All opera needs is some crudity to make it more popular. With me, anyway.