Monday, June 2, 2008

She's Baaack!

Hello, friends. I'm back from my much needed vacation to Chicago and San Fransisco. I missed you all very much and, in my mind, you have been counting the days until my return. Well, wait no longer! Your day has arrived.

Also back (and hopefully better than ever), The Mole returns tonight to fill the TV shaped hole in your summer. Normally, I wouldn't pimp The Mole (though I did like the one season I watched...mainly because Anderson Cooper was the host and he is a lovely, lovely man), but the fella responsible for introducing Liz and me is a contestant this season. Local San Diego psuedo-celebrity Craig Slike will fill your TV with many laughs and maybe even some heartwarming moments (I really have no idea. I'm just spit balling here). So please watch and root on our friend Craig. Like you have better things to do...