Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goin' for Two

Tonight is the big Top Chef: Chicago finale (how Lisa made it this far, heaven only knows (or perhaps Satan only knows because she made a deal with the devil. She certainly seems evil)). I am rooting for Stephanie. If she wins, I will have picked the current winners of Project Runway and Top Chef before watching a single episode of either show. This will make me very happy...and as we all know, a happy redhead is much better than the alternative.

P.S. TC producers, if Tony Bourdain could make an appearance tonight, I'd be exceedingly grateful. Thanks so much. Love ya, mean it.


Mathdude said...

I'm watching the American Idol finale tonight. What? They already had that and I missed it? Who won?

Falwless said...

Mathdude, you're such a 'tard. You make me laugh, god bless you.

Red -- I am SO with you on being baffled as to how Lisa is still in this thing. Seriously. I wrote a little diatribe last week after the show but I never posted it on my blog (I know how bitchy you and Beckeye get when I encroach on your TV/pop culture topics). But it was all about her. Did she come out of the womb an bitter, angry bitch, or did it take practice, I wonder? Either way she's really nailed the part. UGH. Cannot stand her.

Dave H said...

I missed last week, LISA is still in?!?! What a bee-snatch.

BeckEye said...

I don't even watch it religiously and I like Stephanie the best too.

Fal - I don't "get" bitchy, I am bitchy. Fat, racist and whorey too. Don't you forget it, one eye.

MelO said...


I love this show but I am OBVIOUSLY sooooo disappointed that Lisa is still in. but Go Stephanie!

小貓咪 said...