Friday, October 30, 2009

This (mostly) Just In...

It's Friday! And tomorrow is Halloween! Life. Is. Good. Some other things enhancing it at the moment...

Subtle Sexuality! - New webisodes from The Office feature my potential BFF Kelly Kapoor (seriously, I wish she was real) and The New Pam (aka Erin) singing a Lady Gaga-esque ode to Ryan called "Male Prima Donna." It's totally rad and will be stuck in my head for the entire day.

That's a Dealbreaker Ladies! - While we're on the subject of faux websites, here's one for Liz Lemon's dealbreaker book. Sadly, it's kind of lame.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Prequel! - I liked PP&Z, but I thought it was, oddly enough, a little too faithful to the original. This prequel is in the style of Jane Austen, but includes all original material...which sounds more up my alley.

Happy Halloween!
- As Liz mentioned yesterday, we're having a party and it will be, as I'm sure you can imagine, totally awesome...especially now that we've received your fantastic song ideas. (However, it may be slightly hindered by my carved pumpkin which is, for the record, the worst carved pumpkin in the history of ever. The seeds I roasted are delicious, though.) Wish you could be there, but since you can't, tell us all about your costumes in the comments. Be safe! Don't give away the Reese's!


Anonymous said...

Hot damn, did I miss a "30 Rock" last night? I am losing my mind. And was there a new "Glee" on Wednesday because I can't find it anywhere! You are my source for all things TV, miss Red.

P.S. I despise Pam on The Office. I want to kill her dead with my own hands.

words...words...words... said...

You know that now you have to take a picture of your terrible pumpkin and show us, right?

And despite what Veggie says, I want to marry Pam. Even though I suspect she's a missionary-only kind of girl.

red said...

Veggie: Glee wasn't on this week because of the World Series. I think it may be off again next week, too.

And I commented to my roommate last night how mean Jim and Pam have become. I guess if they kept them sweet and adorable, everyone would want to claw their eyes out. There has to be a happy medium, though, right?

WWW: I thought as I was writing this post "I should have taken a picture of my pumpkin" (which sounds dirty) so I'm with you, kid. Monday, promise.

BeckEye said...

Oh good, I didn't miss "Glee!" I still have to watch last week's ep, which apparently featured my man Puck heavily. Yum yum double yum.

What are you dressing as this Halloween? Did you say already and I spaced on it?

red said...

Becks: Puck was so dreamy last week. He's fast becoming my favorite part of the show.

And Liz and I are going to be Peggy and Joan from Mad Men.