Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid-week Ramble

Here's a few thoughts and observations swirling in my head on this lovely hump day:

- The big headline across Monday’s Wall Street Journal was “Colleagues Finger Billionaire.” Were there no 12-year-olds in the Journal offices to explain how that headline was hilariously inappropriate?

- There’s an ad that always pops up in my Yahoo! email inbox that says, “Find black singles in your area!” We all know that these companies have software that reads our emails so they can better tailor ads to our tastes, so I’m wondering what in my email is causing this ad to keep popping up? Maybe it’s related to my Salt N Pepa Fan Club membership.

- Seriously though, I do love Salt N Pepa.

- A few months back, my boyfriend was looking into starting his own business, but the bank wouldn’t give him a loan. The loan officer said, “Don’t you have a rich uncle or something who can give you the money?” It got me wondering, is it really that common to have a rich uncle who will lend you money? Like, is this the big secret to getting rich that all these so-called "self-made" millionaires aren’t telling us? If so, guess I'll never be rich.

- The Yankees are totally winning the World Series this year. I know - Vom. It.

- Have you guys been watching ESPN’s "30 for 30" documentaries? I mentioned them once before in this long, rambling blog entry. They’re really good though. I didn’t know anything about the USFL until last night, and now I’m mad at Donald Trump for killing it. Bandit Ball looked rad!

- I occasionally write music reviews for this Web site. We’re compiling a Top 100 albums of the decade list, and all us contributors had to compile our own Top 100 lists. Here’s my personal Top 10:

1. Arcade Fire – Funeral
2. Radiohead – Kid A
3. The Postal Service – Give Up
4. Sufjan Stevens – Come on, Feel the Illinois
5. Rilo Kiley – The Execution of all Things
6. Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
7. Bright Eyes – Lifted or…
8. The White Stripes – Elephant
9. Death Cab for Cutie – The Photo Album
10. The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema

Prove me wrong, nerds!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I keep getting ads for dating Jewish singles in my area. No lie. It's a link for a site called J-Date.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I actually have one of those rich uncles. It came as quite a shock when a friend of his died and bequeathed everything she owned to him. He's unmarried, on a pension and has lived in the same house all his life (so no mortgage payments ever). He keeps telling my brother and I that when he croaks, we'll be in for a nice payout.

And a decent choice on Funeral. I'd rather add I'm Wide Awake It's Morning by Bright Eyes, but otherwise good choices. I'm having trouble picking anything else.

red said...

Just about everyone I know has a rich uncle. Problem is, rich people are evil and selfish and never lend money to their hapless, young relatives.

As you know, you're picks are too hip for me, but I love the Postal Service album. Ben Folds 4 Eva!!!

BeckEye said...

Yes, everyone would agree that's a very hip top 10, with the possible exception of Pitchfork writers, who would write it off as a bunch of mainstream garbage. I write it off as "decent, but the utter lack of Pearl Jam makes it impossible to take completely seriously." :)

Oh, and not many people know this, but the Monopoly guy is my uncle.

words...words...words... said...

I would totally finger a billionaire. I could get a lot of money for the pictures I'd surreptitiously take.

Also, though I know of the albums from your list, I have not listened to very many because I am not very hip. But I do know that Get Behind Me Satan is a better White Stripes album than Elephant. But as they are the two best ones, I am not inclined to complain.

Liz said...

If this were top of the last 20 years there'd be more Pearl Jam for sure Becks. As much as I like them, I think their best work was in the '90s

Malcolm said...

I caught the "30 for 30" doc about the USFL... it was pretty good! The first time I recall hearing the name Donald Trump is when he bought the New Jersey Generals. As much as I enjoy ripping on ESPN, I have to give them props when they get things right (like these "30 for 30" specials).

I'm looking forward to the one this week about Muhammad Ali's fight with Larry Holmes. Although it may be painful to watch, it will likely be riveting.