Monday, October 26, 2009

This (mostly) Just In...

Peggy Olsen Marries Fred Armisen - Okay, fine. Elizabeth Moss married Fred Armisen. Why's everybody always gotta remind me Mad Men is, in fact, only a TV show? Geez!

(Pssst...those of you who live in my alternate universe...How do you think Pete and Duck will feel about this?!)

Ricky Gervais to Host the Golden Globes! - Ricky is always amazing. Always. I dare you to name one thing he's not absolutely terrific in. Go ahead...I'll've got nothing, amirite?

Boom! Roasted!

(I may be misusing that phrase)

Smarter, Younger Wife = Happier Marriage - Some study by the stupid British claims men should marry women at least 5 years younger than themselves to stave off divorce. Great. Just what dudes my age need...further reasons to date co-eds. Though! It does say men should date women smarter than themselves (I love that the article uses Jay-Z and Beyonce as the prime example here and says, "Beyonce has her high school diploma, unlike husband Jay-Z.") So, yeah, stop being intimidated by smart women, you dummies!

(Sorry! I don't know why I'm being so mean today. I really do love you.)

Andrew Lloyd Webber has Cancer
- Anyone who knows me, knows I love the musicals (in fact, I was singing Jesus Christ Superstar on my way to work this morning), and ALW is the king, so here's hoping he beats this thing! Get well soon, m'Lord!


Liz said...

Guys generally go for slightly younger girls (because we mature faster, natch) but 5 years does sound excessive.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

"The Stupid British"?

I resemble that remark.

red said...

TIR: I decided I love the Brits too much and must lower them in my estimation.

Jon said...

I once dated a girl that was smarter than me. Then one day she got on her pet unicorn and flew away to Things That Don't Exist Land.

BeckEye said...

I like the British too much also. Could you stage an intervention for me?

Brand New said...

"I dare you to name one thing he's not absolutely terrific in"

Night at the Museum... that movie was horrible. Maybe his talent went with Jon's ex on that unicorn to Things That Don't Exist Land

red said...

A) That movie was not horrible...just not very good.
and B) He was the best thing in it (the whole 5 mins or whatever he appeared).

Nice try.

words...words...words... said...

Five years younger and smarter than me sounds about perfect! Ladies, if you're in your early 30s and you can open a childproof bottle of aspirin, I'm your man.