Friday, February 22, 2008

And the Oscar Goes To...

Well, it’s finally here…Oscar night (or on Sunday anyway). Thank God the writers returned in time to avoid a Golden Globes situation (though, Liz and I would have happily taken to job of announcing the winners. We would have kicked ass at it, too, because we are excellent readers). It’s time do a little forecasting (which, in recent weeks has become more and more predictable, but I like the predicted winners, so I’m okay with this). Here’s who I think will win on Sunday night:

Best Picture - No Country For Old Men: The best picture of the year and, after The Big Lebowski, my favorite Coen Brothers film.
Best DirectorThe Coen Brothers: About freaking time.
Best ActorDaniel Day Lewis: I can’t wait for his acceptance speech. Who knew he was such a sweet guy?
Best ActressMarion Cotillard: Julie Christie seemed unbeatable for awhile, but I think Cotillard gave a better performance and the Academy will ultimately reward her.
Best Supporting ActorJavier Bardem: Second best villain of the year (behind Dolores Umbridge, of course).
Best Supporting ActressAmy Ryan: This category is anyone’s guess. I think Cate Blanchett gave the best performance, but I think Amy Ryan will regain her early buzz to take it.
Adapted ScreenplayThe Coen Brothers: About freaking time.
Original ScreenplayDiablo Cody: She became famous by writing a blog. We all have to root for her.
CinematographyThere Will Be Blood: I liked Atonement better, but TWBB is gorgeous, too.
Editing - No Country For Old Men
Song - Falling Slowly from Once: I’m actually excited about the ceremony performances. Amy Adams and Christen Chenoweth are singing. Rad.
ScoreAtonement: One of the most incredible scores I’ve heard in awhile.
Art Direction - Sweeney Todd: Again, I prefer Atonement, but Sweeney Todd was pretty incredibly looking. Best use of the color red since Schindler’s List.
CostumeAtonement: I’m still obsessed with that green dress.
Makeup - La Vie en Rose: If only for making the beautiful Marion Cotillard looking so, well, awful.
Sound MixingTransformers: The sound really was amazing and nominee Kevin O’Connell has been nominated 20 times without a win. I think it’s time.
Sound Editing - Transformers
Visual FXTransformers: Made me wish I’d seen it on the big screen.
Animated FeatureRatatouille: Should have been The Simpsons Movie, but what can ya do?
Documentary FeatureNo End in Sight: There is no way they are letting Michael Moore give a speech during an election year.

For the first time in a long time, I actually really liked all the Best Picture nominees and I think the awards will go to the most deserving films/performances (for the most part). At least a repeat of a Crash type win is completely impossible. Thank God.

Also, be sure to check out Garney's picks on his blog and on BlogTalk radio (at least listen to the first 10 minutes to hear his medley of songs about the 5 Best Picture nominees (a la Billy Crystal). It's awesome).

(And, for the record, I completely realize I take this stuff WAY too seriously. It’s because I lead a sad little life and it’s all I have.)

Happy Oscar Weekend!


doorknob_dan said...

I'm disgusted that Kevin Costner isn't up for an award.

This is BS. I'm boycotting the Oscars this year. I'm not going to bring myself n' my posse to the show.

And if they try to do that satellite thing with me when they give me my lifetime achievement award, I'm going to cause some sort of controversy by saying something offhanded about Hillary Clinton and farm animals.

Red said...

That story about Hillary and the farm animals has never been proven...

doorknob_dan said...

Oh sure. Like the Richard Gere/gerbils thing.

We all know the truth!

Red said...

Poor Richard Gere. You mess around with one gerbil...

Garney said...

Well there are only five places we disagree (prediction wise) so it allows for little bragging space...

I think you might be right about Transformers picking up the sound categories but I'm sticking to my guns with 3:10 to Yuma and There Will Be Blood.

No End in Sight does seem to be the favorite and I have no problem with it winning but I'm still seeing Taxi to the Dark Side taking it.

I still say the dead woman is going to win for her the comstumes she designed for an actress to play a famous dead woman in La Vie en Woman.

And you're right that Supporting Actress is the toughest call... but I think Michael Clayton has to win something so it will be Tilda Swinton up there come Oscar night.

One last thing... am I the only one who thinks Bardem looks like Brendan Fraser in that picture?

Red said...

Brenden Fraser? I don't see it.

I am excited to see who gets to brag on Monday (well, excited if it's me. Not so much if it's you).

Falwless said...

But see, the genius of this blog is that you all take it very seriously. That's why I keep coming back day after day!

This is my all-things-entertainment haven. Don't ever change. Stay sweet. Have a great summer. BFF!

Red said...

FL (this is what I'm gonna start calling you, btw), you always make me feel better about myself. I wish we were real life friends rather then just blog friends.

Erin said...

Your bets paid off. Brag away!

Garney said...

Yeah you did almost as good as I did...