Friday, February 1, 2008

Jai Guru De Va means Happy Friday

As we wind down the working week and shove off into a weekend full of football induced debauchery, let us a take a minute to breathe deep and reflect on the mysteries of the cosmos --- which will soon have a cool soundtrack.

Apparently on Monday, Feb. 4, NASA is going to take a break from wasting our tax, I mean, listening to deep space for signals, and will instead use its massive antennas to broadcast something out: The Beatles' song Across the Universe.

I like it. I think its cool in a "give peace a chance" kind of way. Maybe someone will hear it and decide Earth isn't just a warmongering garbage heap of a planet after all. Of course, showing our soft side could also instigate a massive, murderous alien invasion looking to take advantage of our tender hearts. Maybe we should broadcast some excerpts of like, Ann Coulter talking as well, just to assure any potential invaders that we are, indeed, just at batshit crazy as we've always appeared.

Have a good weekend guys!

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