Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top 5: The Internets are Abuzz

Five things it's almost too early to process (and you have to be me or gay to even really care about):

1. 9 to 5 - One of my favorite 80's movies it headed to Broadway. Dolly Parton and the ladies (and by ladies, I mean her boobs) are involved so you know it will be awesome.

2. Amy Winehouse - She's coming out with her own clothing line. Doesn't every girl aspire to look like this?

3. Spice Girls - Their reunion tour is over. It's kinda tragic how upset I am to have missed this ( I mean Ginger is kinda the original, well, ginger...other than Ginger on Gilligan's Island of course) . I'll catch the next tour for sure...

4. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County - This one is for my mom...Steven King and John Mellencamp are collaborating on a Broadway musical. As long as it doesn't have that This is Our Country song, I'm mildly interested.

5. Project Runway - The big finale next week. I've picked Christian to win from the very beginning. If I'm right, I might start to take this prognosticating thing seriously.
Make it work, you fierce little thing.

Bonus Thing - For incorrectly saying tonight was the PR finale in the original post. Here is Kenneth from 30 Rock in the new Mariah Carey video. More weird than funny:


Falwless said...

Are you sure it's the big finalé tonight on Project Runway??! I saw the preview but it only looked like they choose between Chris and Rami who moves on to show at fashion week. Regardless, I'll be tuning in, for sure. Haven't missed an iota of this season.

Falwless said...

P.S. I'm not you nor am I gay, but I totally care about this stuff. Oh, and Christian is DEFINITELY going to win this. I would bet my grandmother's ashes on this. If she had been cremated.

Red said...

You are totally right. My bad. I fixed it and added something else to "apologize" for my error.

You are kinda like the East Coast version of me, though, so of course you care.

SneekeeSu said...

Thanks for thinking of your old Mom, Red. Atlanta 2009 sounds like a Mom- Daughter road trip to me! Would love to see this in case it never makes it to Broadway I can say I did!! Love ya...yes your mother is embarassing you again even though you are not twelve any is okay to love Millie and be an adult!!!

Red said...

Mom, I love that you commented. You never embarrass me...well, anymore anyway ;)