Friday, February 15, 2008

Top 5: A Randon Collection of Thoughts for Your Friday

I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night, but it's Friday and I just got paid and it's a 3 day weekend and I have friends in town. Life is good. Here's 5 things that make it even better:

1. Dexter - The bloody Showtime original debuts on CBS this Sunday (with the writers strike, CBS decided to show Dexter on the network, presuming it's new to most viewers). They've re-cut season one (removing some of the blood and language, I presume) so you can catch up from the beginning. Michael C. Hall is so brilliant.

2. Gone Baby Gone - Finally on DVD, I caught Ben Affleck's directorial debut last night. It was really good! I felt as sense of pride for Ben (who I always preferred over Matt Damon when Good Will Hunting came out and there was a Matt vs. Ben debate between the ladies. I found it so sad that his ridiculous relationship with J. Lo kinda made him a joke). He's a talented director. Maybe he's found his true calling.

3. Project Runway - In a last minute twist, the competition is down to the final 4 (Christian, Rami, Jillian, and Chris). I really think it's Christian's to lose. As bitchy and annoying as he can be, he really is pretty "fierce" and no one has really even come close to his level of quality and style. Jillian would be my second choice, mainly because I want one of her impeccable coats.

4. American Idol - The top 24 have been announced and I am placing my bets on Carly Smithson to win it all. What does it say about America when our best new singer is Irish?

5. Finally... - This is really freaking funny:


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Garney said...

I'm going to start saying "Go to bed early Doofus" every chance I get.