Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TV Roundup

There's a lot going on with TV today (I've already mentioned the return of Jericho) and here are three more things you might be interested in:

  • The New York Times fills you in on when/if your favorite shows will return this year. Guess I gotta say good-bye to Journeyman. Bummer.
  • If I told you Big Brother returns tonight, would that be something you'd be interested in? Yeah. Me neither.
  • American Idol auditions are finally over and it's time for Hollywood week. This is when things get good in my opinion. I think this are back on track this season. I'm already rooting from the Irish chick they found in San Diego. I also just go a new TV and can now watch Idol in HD. Simon Cowell looks pretty good actually. Seacrest is still too girly.
I'm just so giddy to have so many options, I just had to share.
Ah Journeyman, we hardly knew ye.


Falwless said...

I am hopelessly, hopelessly addicted to Idol.

I like the Irish chick, too. And Michael Jones, that Australian guy who sang Bohemian Rhapsody last night. MMmm mmm mmm. I really like the homeless kid, but he's gotta put away that arrogance he showed last night. I also like the blonde girl who's never seen an R-rated movie. And, I'm on the fence about the rocker guy who said Simon Cowell was jealous of his hair.

As you can tell I'm not good with names.

Looking forward to tonight's top 24!

Falwless said...

Oh, P.S. This has nothing to do with this post, but you know that vid you linked me to of Josh Wolk and Dalton Ross? Yeah, I can barely concentrate now. My crush had assuaged a bit over time, but it's back full force now.

Good god. JW IS HAWT.

Red said...

I like the homeless kid, too. I didn't watch last nights episode yet because I fell asleep at 830. Grandma alert!

He is hot, but I still love Dalton more. Which is a good thing really. We don't want to be fighting over the same married guy we'll never meet.

Falwless said...

Very true. That would be totally awkward.

Nathaniel said...

Two things of note. I met the aunt of the homeless guy in Knoxville this week.

The Irish chick was hotter without the tats. Her man got her sleeved up and the half of heart on her wedding ring finger is classy. Nothing says I love you like saying I am too cheap to buy you a rock let me get out my tattoo gun. Also, maybe she won't eat blue suckers before she sings on TV in HD!