Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rappin' Cosby

Red brought to my attention recently this article on about Bill Cosby's eminent rap album.

What perfect way to start off Black History Month than to create your own track listing for his album.

Here are mine:

Bill Cosby, Myself
Kids Listen to the Darndest Crap
Jammin' with jay ee ell ell oh
Ain't nothin' sweeter than a sweater
Combustible Huxtable
Feelin' up Phylicia (Rashad in the Shack)
NBC equals Needs Bill Cosby
I Spy... a diaper in my future
I Made You, How Raven is That?
Never No Nothing (and other N words)

And then of course his #1 single: Theo/Rudy
Where the chorus is him just going "Theoooooooo Rudeeeeee Theooooooo Rudeeeeee" over some kind of infectious beat.

This last one is inspired by the following video:

Any other ideas? Leave comments...