Thursday, February 7, 2008

Survivor - The Return of Jonny Fairplay

Survivor returns tonight with it 16th (!) season. I read somewhere it's officially the longest running reality show on television (but that can't be true because the Real World is still on). Anyway, this season matches 10 former Survivor castaways against "fan favorites" (i.e. people who've watched the show religiously). Obviously, no one really cares about the new people yet, so here are the 3 people I am most excited to have back in my TV life:

1. James Clement (China, pictured) - The big, yummy gravedigger from Louisiana gave us some of the best sound bites last season in China. Looking at his amazing arms every week wasn't too bad either.

2. Jonathan Penner (Cook Island) - I liked Jonathan. Sure, he's neurotic and a bit bossy and overbearing, but he's funny and interesting and I think he will make some serious plays this season.

3. Jon Dalton aka "Jonny Fairplay" (Pearl Islands) - Jonny Fairplay is an asshole. There's no other way to describe him. While in the Pearl Islands, he told his tribe mates his grandmother passed away, all to win a reward (turned out grandma was alive and well). Then he was on that horrible E! show about reality TV stars making a movie and he hooked up with crazy Tanya from the Real World/Road Rules trainwreck MTV passes for entertainment. Basically, he's insane. You can't go wrong with that when it comes to reality TV.

I'm picking Jonathan or Cirie to win it all. Anyone else have any predictions? Anyone else still watching this show?

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