Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gingers are Doin' it for Themselves

One of our favorite gingers, Jenny Lewis (front woman for "indie" rock band Rilo Kiley), is reportedly recording a new solo album. I report this for three reasons:

1. Liz is Rilo Kiley's #1 Fan - Seriously. The night I met her she had a Rilo Kiley button on her cowgirl costume.

2. Rabbit Fur Coat was Awesome - Jenny's first solo album is an incredible blend of indie rock/country/folk. Pick it up immediately if you haven't heard it (and you like indie rock/country/folk). I dare say, it is better then Rilo Kiley's latest effort.

3. Jenny Lewis is Fascinating - I won't say I'm obsessed with her, because I'm not. I just find her life incredible. She was a child actress (she played Shelly Long's daughter in everyone's favorite homage to cookie sales, Troop Beverly Hills), became the darling of indie music and dated Jake Gyllenhaal. She basically has the life I always wanted. I'd hate her if she wasn't a redhead. Kinda like LiLo.

It's cookie time


Liz said...

Elvis Costello is dueting on it? Jesus, my Jenny is all growd up. So weird. Great find though!

Nooch said...

Thank god.. something to look forward to. Thanks red for the news!