Monday, February 4, 2008

More Brits for Your Viewing Pleasure

While searching for anything new and different to fill my DVR, I stumbled upon Eli Stone, the new, quirky comedy following Lost Thursdays on ABC. Lured by the star power of the adorable Johnny-Lee Miller (of Trainspotting and marrying Angelina Jolie fame), I set my DVR to capture the first episode. How excited was I to learn the show co-stars Victor Garber and features George Michael in a fantastically fun cameo?

Eli Stone is a high powered lawyer with a smokin' hot fiancee and a killer apartment in San Fran. One day, he hears music no one hears and has visions of George Michael singing Faith. Turns out, he has a brain aneurysm and his visions are pointing him toward people who need is lawyerly help (is he a prophet? or is the aneurysm just screwing with his perception of reality?). It's kinda like the do-gooder version of Ally McBeal (the early seasons...before it just got ridiculous). The pilot had me laughing and even getting a bit choked up. Like everything these days, you can catch the first episode online and then we can all discover the wonders of Eli Stone together...

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Liz said...

I have to differ with you on this one. I wasn't paying very close attention, but what I did see of Eli Stone I found kind of disappointing. I too love Johnny Lee Miller and Victor Garber, so I was hoping for better. But that's just me