Thursday, February 7, 2008

Long Line of Rehabers

You've probably all heard by now that Eva Mendes checked into rehab (even though we didn't tell you about it here. I'm assuming you get your news from other, non-Ginger sources. Of course, if I'm wrong, that's awesome). Now, less then a week later, Kristen Dunst checked herself into rehab. Personally, I would have lost it long ago, hearing all those stories of Jake and Reese so happy together, but Kristen seemed to keep it together. A friend of mine predicted Kristen would be the next to seek help. Maybe he has insider info I don't (or maybe he's secretly mailing her crack), but I wouldn't have guessed Kristen would pack it up and head to Utah. Maybe this Cirque Lodge place is really just a lovely getaway and they call it "Rehab" to earn street cred? You think? Anyone? Okay. I guess not...

Yeah. She's totally high in this picture.

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