Thursday, October 18, 2007

TV Premiere Week (+3) - Special Viva Laughlin Edition

Let's recap:

~ This is one of the strongest television seasons in awhile and has filled many a DVR with too many things to watch.

~ Pushing Daisies is everyone's favorite new show.

~ Heroes has been less than stellar, but may redeem itself when K Bell joins the cast this week.

~ I am old because I like Carpoolers and not Gossip Girl.

I think that about covers it. However, there is one more show I've been looking forward to and it finally premieres tonight. Viva Laughlin, based on the BBC show Viva Blackpool, stars Hugh Jackman (or features anyway. I can't quite tell from the press. I think he's only in it a bit, but ABC wants to hype him so more people will watch) and Melanie Griffith (who has only ever been decent in Working Girl...and then only barely because her supporting cast was so phenomenal) as characters who work at a Casino in Laughlin, Nevada (aka the poor man's Reno). And here's the's a musical. It's already drawn comparisons to Steven Bochco's early 90's suck-fest Cop Rock (which was on too late for me to watch at the time, but most people (aka critics) regard as TV's Ishtar (aka one of the worst movies ever)).

You're probably thinking, with all these strikes against it, why am I excited to watch? Well, the answer is threefold, my friends. 1) It's a musical. I love musicals. Even bad ones. 2) It's based on a BBC show and we all know how much I love the Brits. and 3) It sounds like the all time greatest trainwreck. Hugh singing the Stones' Sympathy for the Devil; Melanie singing Blondie's One Way or Another. C'mon! Pure awesomely bad goodness. I can't wait!

Update: Not awesomely bad, just really, really bad. Please, for the love of God and your personal sanity, DO NOT watch this show. You can thank me later...

Another Update: It's already been canceled. Hallelujah!


Liz said...

I do love a good trainwreck. Perhaps I'll fire up the DVR. Its already working overtime on Thursday nights though

Red said...

I know, but I figure this one will only last about 4 eps at the most so might as well catch it while we can...

Nooch said...

It premieres this week on Thursday, but will air on Sundays (that is if it gets past the first episode)

Garney said...

My Fall TV blog will be up before the end of the week.

I finally watched Carpoolers and I liked it.

I also watched an episode of Cavemen and didn't think it was that bad.

Of course I had already sat through two episodes of Viva Laughlin by then so my concept of bad television had been altered.