Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We Don't Need no Water .... Actually, we do. Really bad. Please?

As you may have heard, Southern California is on fire. Since Gingers HQ is located in San Diego, you probably won’t see as many posts as usual for the next few days. Please forgive our absence, as we’re distracted by the television telling us we’re going to die.

If you’d like to help out some of those effected by the fires, your best bet is to donate to the American Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties. If you live in the San Diego area, you can bring sleeping supplies (blankets, cots, pillows) or non-perishable food down to Qualcomm Stadium.

Stay safe everyone. And for the love of God, if a fireman tells you to get out of your house – GET OUT!


Red said...

We have a HQ! Sweet

Garney said...

I drove to Los Angeles the night of the Cedar Fire before it became known as such. And here I am recently moved to Virginia as the Witch Creek Fire wipes out my hometown.

So I benefit from premature evacuation.

Red said...

So sad about Ramona, G. Hope your family and friends are all okay.