Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Top 5: New Music Please

I'm bored. With life in general, but also with my music. I've picked up a few good songs/albums in the past few months, but I need some new stuff to listen to. So, I'll make you a deal. I'll suggest 5 artists you might like and you return the favor. Fair enough? Here goes:

1. Sara Bareilles - Good old fashion singer-songwriter chick. Think Alanis without the anger...or Sarah Mclaughlin with a bit more edge.

2. Matt Mackey - When I first heard Matt, he reminded me of Bruce Springsteen. Now, I'd say he's John Mayer meets Dave Matthews, but in a good way.

3. Mika - Pure unadulterated fun.

4. Hem - This is what my band would sound like if I had a band.

5. The Magic Numbers - Great songwriting. Enough said.

Your turn. Okay, Go...


Liz said...

I'll try to think of stuff to lend you. When you lend me this Springsteen guy you keep going on and on about.

Garney said...

1. Cold War Kids
If you don't know who they are, then hang me up to dry.
2. The Fratellis
Another one you should be familiar with, especially with Meathead as an iCommercial, their music is lively and fun.
3. Ether Hour
Indie band from Washington, go to to download their album and followup EP for free.
4. Blonde Redhead
Not new, but probably new to you... indie trio from New York, an Asian girl and Italian twin brothers... their latest album "23" is especially sublime.
5. Guster
Another not new but new to you, last year's Ganging Up on the Sun was one of my favorites. A lot of sly political commentary fused in with great songwriting. My favorite tracks are Mainfest Destiny and Ruby Falls.

Carey said...

I only have one suggestion: Citizen Cope. The Clarence Greenwood Recordings album, especially. Holy crap, it's amazing. Mesmerizing. Soul-stirring. Words fail.

By the way, I agree with the recommendation of Mika - I stumbled upon a music video of his on YouTube several months back, having never heard of him before. Then I was eager to track down other songs of his. That guy is just... fun. Love him.

P.S. I got here by way of a comment by Lora on Josh Wolk's blog, just in case you're wondering how a stranger found you!

Red said...

Thanks for visiting...and for the recommendations :)

Gauchette said...

Just wanted to let you know that I actually went out and purchased Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion and Sara Bareilles' Little Voice. I looked for Matt Mackey but Best Buy didn't have him. I just found it interesting, because I'm so not one of those people who usually goes out and buys based on stranger's recommendations. Your comparisons to other artists helped greatly, because I very much like the musicians you mentioned. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions!

P.S. I cannot bear to flip the car CD changer off of Mika yet. He's addictive!

carey said...

Sorry, that was me, Carey.

Red said...

That is awesome! I hope you like Sarah Bareilles as much as Mika. I know I do.

Matt Mackey is actually a friend of mine and he put out an EP you can only get online. I changed the blog link to his myspace page where you can listen to his songs and order the CD if you like :)

carey said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention that when I bought the Sara Bareilles album I just figured I had never heard of her. I put the CD in and first song was "Love Song", the one that's been getting radio airplay, and I instantly knew it. I guess I never payed attention to the artist! Anyway, yeah, I'm very sure I'll like it. I love her voice!

I'll definitely check out Matt's MySpace, thanks for the link

Matt said...

Here's another 5, in no particular order...
1. Andrew Bird - he plays a lot of instruments, and he whistles.
2. Glen Hansard - one of the world's finest Irish singer/songwriter.
3. Sean Hayes - A bit somber, sort of a folk-twinged Eliot Smith.
4. Joe Purdy - Good ole' fashioned songwriter witha bit of a downhome feel.
5. Band of Horses - It's indie and it's good.

I realize this is all solo artists but one, but I assure you that each of the records, when I got them, I listened to religiously for over a week.