Friday, October 19, 2007

This Post is (kinda) About Boobs

(I'm trying to get more men to read this site...think that title will work?)

So, for Christmas, my boss got me one of those page-a-day calenders. Thinking I can be a bit of a people pleaser, she got me Getting In Touch with Your Inner Bitch (it's actually been very helpful. I've (mostly) stopped doing things I don't want to do). Today, the calendar tells me it's National Mammogram Day, but the best part is, guess who declared the third Friday of October NMD? Everyone's favorite ladies man, Bill Clinton. Bill's always looking out for the ladies...and for women, too. *rimshot*


Liz said...

Oh Slick Willy. I'm not sure who I want for president yet, but I do kind of love the idea of him being back in the White House but with no real responsibility. Lock up the interns!

Garney said...

As you know I special ordered the book to give to Michele when she graduated from Master at Arms training and she loved it.

And I love her boobs.

Red said...

I'm glad she liked it. Some of us could just stand to be bitchier