Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pack Your Knives and Go

It's the Top Chef finale tonight. Here's my incredibly unscientific breakdown of the contestants:

Casey - The easy on the eyes Texan seems to have it in the bag. She's the only chef noted for her "soul" and that's gotta be a good thing, right? I was never a big fan, but of the three remaining contestant, she seems to be the front runner.

Hung - If, for some crazy reason, Casey blows it, Hung is probably the winner. He's technically superior to the others and has a more training and experience. I don't like Hung - he's a pompous ass and his food is boring most of the time (crazy cereal dish aside). He claims he has great stuff to show in the finale, but I don't buy it.

Dale - I love Dale. He's the bitchy, gay friend every woman should have. I would love to see him pull out something amazing and win it all. It could happen...crazier things have...

So, anyone want to wager a guess who will win tonight? Does anyone (other than me) even care...especially since Tre, the real top chef, was eliminated weeks ago?

Update: Well, Casey blew it. I thought for 30 seconds Dale might actually win, but Padma informed us all Hung got the prize (and not just Biggest Douchebag)