Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Heroes, You've Been Warned

Dear Heroes,

I never intended to watch you. I thought you looked sub-par from the get go, but you were streaming on nbc.com and I could watch you at work (not that I ever did...I swear). So, I'll admit, I got sucked in by the dreamy Milo Ventimiglia, the adorable Masi Oka and the tolerable Hayden Panettiere. I even stuck with you when all your super hyped story lines fell short, but enough is enough.

This season (only your second) has left me pretty disappointed. WAY too many storylines and I still don't really care about any of the characters (except Milo, of course. So glad he got the hair cut). Molly is annoyingly whinny, the "Irishmen" have lame Irish accents, the twins are boring (other than the creepy black stuff from the eyes bit. That's kinda cool) and the CGI is just atrocious.

So here's the deal. Increase the budget (with all the Nissan product placement, this shouldn't be a problem), kill off some characters (I suggest most of the new ones) and bring in Kristen Bell ASAP. Consider yourself on notice.




Liz said...

Yeah Heroes has totally sucked this year so far. Its giving in to some tendencies that used to be annoying but overlookable (to coin a phrase) like sentimentality and wooden writing. Hopefully KBell can spice it up. I had a feeling it would go downhill when NBC started toting it as the cornerstone of its fall lineup. It should be a cult show, not a cornerstone.

Garney said...

I think it has to be because Bryan Fuller is no longer on the writing staff now that he's overseeing the best new show on TV, Pushing Daisies.

Liz said...

Pushing Daisies is the best new show on TV! I plan to blog on that soon.