Tuesday, April 1, 2008

15 Sexiest Male Musicians

Much like the chain letters of yesteryear, bloggers have memes (which actually has a whole psychological explanation behind it. Geez. I kinda hate when Wikipedia gives me way more information that I wanted/expected). Beckeye tagged me with this one. Here are my top 15 Sexiest Male Musicians of all time:

15. Chris Carrabba - The 15 year-old girl in me loves this lead singer for Dashboard Confessional. I love screaming his songs in my car and gazing at him in all his emo glory. The tats are totally hot, too.

14. Chris Martin - He's hot, smart and makes fun of himself. What's not to like? I really fell in lust with him when he appeared on Extras and sang Fix You with Ricky Gervais. Hilarious.

13. Justin Timberlake - I especially like JT when he dances. The fella's got moves! He can rock my body anytime.

12. Robbie Williams - We all know I love the Brits and Robbie may be my favorite Brit of all. I realize I am one of 5 Americans who listen to his music, but guess what? I don't care. I think it's his bad boy persona that so draws me in.

11. Bono - He's trying to save the world and, really, what's sexier than that? I do wish he'd not wear wonky sunglasses so often, but what can you do?

10. Jon Bon Jovi - King of the 80's hair band, JBJ looks even better with age...and with a haircut.

9. Damien Rice - The cutest Irishman maybe ever? Is that saying too much?

8. George Harrison - My mom was a Paul gal and while growing up, I had to agree (he did age the best). However, after I saw A Hard Days Night, I fell madly in love with George. Yowza! What a fox!

7. Matt Mackey - I know Matt personally. He's not famous (yet?), but he is a musician and he is smokin' hot.

6. Dave Grohl - Think what would have happened if Kurt Cobain never died. Would we still know the full genius of Dave Grohl? Maybe not. What's the greater travesty?

5. Bob Dylan - Sure, now Bob is a scary old man, but he was super hot as a young man. And he spawned Jacob Dylan. Nothin' wrong with that.

4. Jim Morrison - Probably the sexiest male musician ever. The man just exudes sex.

3. Eddie Vedder - Sure he's a little bit crazy, but he fought the good Ticket Master fight back in the day and I love a man who stands up for his principles. Another fella who's aging so very well.

2. Ben Folds - Ben seems like a complete nerd and I love nerds! His music makes him super sexy.

1. Bruce Springsteen - Old and young, no one can touch The Boss. I mean, who else can sell millions of albums with his ass?

Geez. That took me forever. Post your picks in the comments section...


Liz said...

From the ages of 12 to 15 I thought of little else but Eddie Vedder. Though my tastes have varied over the years and I don't rock out to Pearl Jam like I used to, he'll always hold a very special place in my heart.

doorknob_dan said...

You forgot Weird Al....

BeckEye said...

"Who else can sell millions of albums with his ass?"

Uh, a little someone named George Michael. LOOK AT HIS BUTT! LOOK AT IT!

I don't have to post my picks here cause I already did! Yay me! It's so odd to see Eddie at #3 though, when he so clearly belongs at the tippity-top. But that's ok, I'll give you Bruce and I get to keep Eddie. Just like you get David Cook and I get Michael Johns. By the way...no David on your list?? Is he too new?

Red said...

Dan: There is something sexy about Weird Al (funny is always sexy...as you well know (it's been awhile since I flirted with you so I thought I'd revive the practice)), but I could only pick 15.

Becks: Ooops! I forgot about George's ass. It's mighty nice, too. In fact, he should probably be on this list. My list is rather straight and white. Oh well.

David is a bit too new, but someday he'll dethrone Carrabba...when I grow out of my emo phase.

We are so agreeable about splitting up the fellas!

Garney said...

If my wife read this she would switch the order that your #15 was #1 and she'd make sure that it also included Adam Levine, Sean Paul, Rob Thomas, Chris Cornell and Michael Buble.

Bloody Awful Poetry said...

Oooh nice one. *claps*
I forgot Chris Martin. Darn..well actually it was my whole rule of only having one-guy-per-band, so Chris lost out to Guy on that.
But yes,that Extras episode was the bomb! A guy who's willing to take the mickey out of himself is always sexy!

Anonymous said...

When does it start showing hot guys? They need to put Andy sixx on there or at least Alex evans.