Thursday, April 17, 2008

American Idol: The Aftermath

I sped through the recap show because Liz and I went to the bar last night to watch the Padres suck (and because the recap shows are incredibly boring), but I still have a few questions for you:

Did everyone see how David Cook looked right at me when he said he was single?!? He totally wants me.

What's up with Elliot Yamin and the prayer shawl? Or was it just a scarf (in 70 degree So Cal weather)?

Was Mariah Carey singing to a track when she went full voice at the end of her song? Why did she sound so horrible? And is Trey Lorenz still singing backup for her?

Does Speed Racer look like the coolest movie ever or what?

Am I alone in thinking Seacrest has a huge crush on Kristy Lee Cook? He seemed super sad to see her go. Maybe they were having an American Dreamz-esque love affair?

Anyway, the reign of terror is over. Kristy Lee is headed back to the farm. I'm bummed it wasn't Syesha, but there's always Andrew Lloyd Webber week (something I am more excited about than I really even want to admit).

Until then...


Garney said...

This is the first I've heard of Andrew Lloyd Weber week... very cool! And I say that in the most masculine way possible. Which is still kinda gay.

BeckEye said...

Hmm. I never considered that Seacrest could be bi, but it's possible.

David totally looked right at you. The audio was a bit garbled, but he pointed at the screen and said, "Red, I am single." And then he was all like, "And it's just like honey when your love comes over me, oh baby, I've got a dependency, always strung out for another taste of your honey."

Yes, this happened in the span of 30 seconds. He's quick. But hopefully he's not that quick in every area.

Did you notice that Jason seemed more stoned than usual? And he was singing "I Don't Wanna Cry?" I think someone broke his heart recently. I won't mention that cold woman's name, but it starts with F, ends with less and has alw in the middle.

Red said...

I'm glad you saw it too Becks!

And poor Jason. He worked so hard to win the love of she-who-will-not-be-named and she just threw his love away.

Heather said...

I love me some Jason C! You know i can't hate on the blazin! And he sang MY MC song! :) I am devastated by Michael's early departure... but have always had a soft spot for the hippie!

I think we would make really lovely drug induced music together!

I've got the bong if you bring the bong food, Jason! Keep on rockin...i mean, keep singing real mellow!

Falwless said...

It wasn't him, it was me. I just need some time, is all. On my own. Oh, everybody needs some time. All alone.