Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy National Cubical Day!

In honor of National Cubical Day (I love these made-up internet holidays), here are my favorite fake offices:
1. Initech: Office Space - Hands down, the greatest movie ever made about the corporate workplace. Before Ron Livingston was the douchebag who broke up with Carrie Bradshaw on a post-it, he was Peter Gibbons, corporate renegade, who made us all want to kill the effing fax machine, kick down the wall of our cubical and steal millions of dollars from The Man. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.

2. Dunder Mifflin: The Office - I would probably shoot myself if I had to work for Michael Scott and with Dwight, Andy and Angela, but I imagine goofing off with Jim would make all the pain worthwhile.

3. Consolidated: 9 to 5 - Another horrible boss, but at least there are cool ladies to hang out with. I would totally be the Lily Tomlin character because I have, on more than one occasion, thought of poisoning someone...uh, I mean because I am so smart and hard working. Right.

4. 30 Rockefeller Plaza: 30 Rock - Imagine working at 30 Rock. You could help Tracy develop his insane schemes, Jenna improve her low self-esteem, Jack with the MILF Island spin-off and keep Liz from losing her mind. Good times, good times.

5. Sterling Cooper: Mad Men - There are several reasons to love Sterling Cooper: 1) The clothes are amazing. Part of me wishes I had to wear skirts and heals everyday, 2) The men are gorgeous...and under 50, which would be a nice change from my current office, and 3) The NYC location. Would there have been a cooler place to be in the 60's?

Honorable Mentions - World Wide Wicket Company: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and The Office of E. Edward Grey: Secretary.

I say we all use National Cubical day as an excuse to go to Happy Hour on a Monday. Who's with me?


The Guv'ner said...

I think of Office Space every single time I reach for the door handles to our work restrooms and get a static shock. :)

And also every morning when I think "I don't think I want to go to work anymore". And every time I use a damn printer or copier. That movie has tainted me.

Liz said...

Watching the West Wing always made me want to work in the White House. Though I doubt the real White House is as cool as the Bartlett White House, particularly under the current occupant.

Oh, and if you know of a Happy Hour that goes until after 6, I'm there!

BeckEye said...

This reminds me...every time I see a movie about hookers, I always think that it might be kind of cool to be a hooker because they all seem to travel in really tight-knit groups of friends.

And then I think of the disgusting, random sex and the frequent beatings, and I decide to just stay behind my desk.

pistols at dawn said...

I'd like to work in the office in Brazil, just because no two days would ever be the same.

Ginormous Boobs said...

I am so happy to be out of a cube. Though I share an office with one other person, our space is HUGE and made for 8 people. And we have a door.

Jon said...

I had no idea May 2nd is No Pants Day. Casual Friday is going to be pretty damn awesome this week.

Garney said...

Let me throw in the Bluth Company from Arrested Development.