Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Further Proof the World is F@#ked: Vol 2

A plastic surgeon in Florida wrote a picture book for children to help them understand the effects of plastic surgery. It's called My Beautiful Mommy and it's meant to explain to the little cherubs why mommy went from this to this. Now, I understand there is a large market for a book like this (considering Americans spent over $13 billion dollars on cosmetic procedures last year) and maybe it's not even such a bad idea in theory (I mean, women are gonna have plastic surgery. Might as well explain things to the kiddies), but the message here seems to be, "Mommy is more beautiful now that she had the belly she carried you in for 9 months removed. You will be beautiful, too, when you are old enough to fix your nose and slim down those thighs." In a culture where boob jobs have become the sweet sixteen gift and men expect to bag Heidi Klum, how's a "normal" person to ever survive and procreate?


Heather said...

i just threw up a little.

Falwless said...

I ask that very question daily, over a footlong meatball sub and a pint of Rocky Road. It's all too depressing to care.

(But to be serious for once, I totally agree. This is such b.s. We have become a society so effing concentrated on looks and status it is unreal. On my death bed, what am I going to look back on most fondly - that I had a nice, flat tummy or that I lived a meaningful life full of laughter and caring, surrounded by people I love? As cliché as that is, damn it, it's true. I'm so tired of society shoving down our throats shit that is so unimportant. UGH!!!!!!)

pistols at dawn said...

It is about time. Now, if someone could just write a book justifying Daddy's serial philandering, I'd be golden.

While I love boobs more than pretty much anything else this world has to offer, fake boobs are...well, they're sort of like learning that Santa isn't real. And knowing that someone was vain enough to undergo the process is kinda a turn-off, and so I only sleep with them 4-10 more times. To teach them a lesson.

15 if they'll let me videotape it.

But that's it.

Falwless said...

I can't stop laughing at Pistols' comment.

Red said...

He is one hilarious bastard.