Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol: The Aftermath

It happens every Idol contestant is sent home way before their time. I think Michael Johns suffered from "I Assume He's Safe so I'll Vote for Someone Really Crappy" syndrome and seeing him go was really shocking and totally sad. He wasn't my favorite, but I enjoyed watching him sing each week. He was different and gorgeous and he will be sorely missed. I can't believe he left before Syesha and Kristy Lee. Just, unbelievable (I mean, seriously. Who is voting for Syesha? Can anyone explain this to me?) And Seacrest is an asshole for the way he handled Michael's ouster. Seacrest, you're on notice!

To further my pain, my DVR fracked up and didn't record 30 Rock or The Office last night (I was actually more pissed about that then Michael Johns leaving). Things may or may not have been thrown around my apartment. I may or may not have immediately gone online and ordered an HD TiVo (okay. I didn't, but I seriously considered it). Thank God it's Friday. I am so over this week.


doorknob_dan said...

Seacrest outed Michael?

Wow, AI is getting nasty these days. Clay Aiken is a lucky guy that he became successful before they started disclosing everyone's sexual preferences.

teamslinger said...

You should watch 30 Rock online. it was freakin hilarious, one of the funniest I have seen.

BeckEye said...

Eh. I'm over this week too. Michael's gone, I didn't get Pearl Jam tickets, I have no clean clothes left so I have an assload of laundry to do ...when does it end???

No one will ever convince me that Michael lost on votes. No way that more people voted for Syesha than for him. It's an inside job, I tells ya!

Yeah, and Seacrest can suck my left tit. I know that he hates boobies, so that's a good punishment for him.

Heather said...

i'm almost as crushed as when my Heath passed. It was a sad day in Hollywood, and Livermore (that's where I was) and all round the world..

G'bye, mate!