Friday, April 25, 2008

This (mostly) Just In...

Some stuff you probably already know and/or don't even care about:

Wesley Snipes will Spend 3 years in Jail for Tax Evasion - This might be disappointing if Wesley had made a good movie since White Men Can't Jump, but alas, he has not.

Megan Fox Named the Sexiest Woman in the World - I would argue the sexiness of Shia LaBeouf rubbed off on Megan when they made Transformers and made her appear sexier than she really is. ..because he is super sexy. Also, I'd take Scar Jo over this chick any day.

Jimmy Fallon will Host Late Night when Conan O'Brien takes over for Leno
- I know most people hate Jimmy Fallon for Fever Pitch, but I'm kinda excited about this. And it will be nice when Leno is just a distant bad memory.

Tom Cruise is Returning to Oprah - In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Risky Business (which makes me feel old), Oprah will spend two days with the Scientologist. Couch jumping is a given.

Amy Winehouse Arrested for Assault - Can this women get anymore tragic? Talk about a hot tranny mess.

See how he's transferring the sexiness here? See?


Falwless said...

I've loved Shia since he was featured in that first Project Greenlight season. No matter that he was underage. Ahem.

Also, people hated Fallon for Fever Pitch? Really? I loved that movie! I like Fallon. Hmm, I must be unhip.

Sexiest woman in the world? Megan Fox? They obviously have yet to lay eyes on Bollywood's Aishwarya Rai.

I can't wait until Conan takes over for Jay. I'm in total love with Conan. (And he's a ginger!)

Red said...

1. Me too! I loved it every time he swore. Sexy, I tell you!

2. Me too! but a lot of die hard sports fans hated Fever Pitch.

3. That woman is so gorgeous.

4. Me too!

Match made in heaven, you and me.

Falwless said...

Let me see your tits.

Falwless said...

Just kidding. Just kidding.

Red said...

Let me just say, they're real and they're spectacular.


Jon said...

I hated Fever Pitch, probably because I'm a Sox fan.

Megan Fox is pretty damn hot though. But I heard she's dating/used to date/is married to Brian Austin Greene, which is unfortunate.

pistols at dawn said...

You can't get the stink of Brian Austin Green off of anything. I would consider trying for Kelly Kapowski, however.

Red said...

According to Wikipedia, she has "her boyfriend Brian's name near her genital region." Now that's classy.

Garney said...

Future Late Night drinking game... drink every time Jimmy Fallon laughs at his own joke.

BeckEye said...

There has to be some "Money Train" joke in here somewhere.

doorknob_dan said...

Shia? Isn't he like 14 or something?