Thursday, April 3, 2008

American Idol: The Aftermath

Thanks to all of you for your support about The Guttenberg (except for The Guv'ner and Pistols at Dawn. I get the feeling you two don't care at all). Each day is a little easier, and with your support and love, I know I'll make it through.

That said, let's move on to Idol. I'm so very glad I overestimated the voting power of Ramiele's fan base (and I guess some people do like Syesha. Who knew?). Ramiele has finally gone to a place for little people with pouty faces and big voices. I actually liked her, but she was seriously in over her head in this, the best season of American Idol EVER!!!

Other than that bombshell, the show was rather boring. Dolly sang about Jesus and gravity (and blabbered on like an old crazy woman. Oh, how I love her), some crappy county band, who won some lame TV competition, sang This Little Light of Mine (I guess. I fast forwarded through their performance), and Seacrest made us cry for the sad orphan girls in Africa (can I just say, I love Seacrest. I spent the early part of my blogging career making fun of him (in a very 8 year-old who teases the guy they like kinda way), but really, I love him. Sometimes the truth is painful) .

The only thing I really cared about (obvs) was David Cook. Apparently, he is messy and has high blood pressure. Will the dreaminess never end? (confession time: I had a dream about David Cook the other night. You know what kind of dream I'm talking about. Let's just say, there was a lot of making out involved. My best friend says this is a sure sign I need to get some. I say it's a sure sign I'm psychic!)

Until next week.


Garney said...

I was really hoping that her farewell performance would be more of a trainwreck. I was disappointed that she kept it together so well once she started singing.

My wife is from the Philippines and she couldn't stand Ramiele. Said she was way too predictable, and sang the songs all her relatives sing for karaoke. Now I won't be able to hear her complain about "the fuckin' Flip" any more.

BeckEye said...

Funny...I had a dream about Michael recently. You and David weren't there, but that would've been kinda creepy I guess.

Heather said...

the random country band that i had never heard of actually KICKED ASS at This Little Light of Mine! It was really great.... if you like really intricate bluegrassy country! Which I DO!

Bu-buy Ramiele!!! I'm sorry your face got smooshed between the giant white girls' boobies!

Falwless said...

hahahaahha. This whole post made me laugh. Especially the part where you say you're psychic for dreaming about making out with David Cook. HAHAHA. YEAH RIGHT.

Just kidding. But seriously, it made me laugh. Not the making out with David Cook part, but all the rest of it. Oh god, this comment sucks. Goodbye.