Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Radiohead Covers Vol. 7

It's Thursday people! Time for Kermit the Frog's rendition of Radiohead's I Will:

(this is so spot on, it kinda freaks me out).

And click below to see Kermit sing NIN's Hurt:

Who knew a frog could make you teary? (actually, I did because Rainbow Connection always chokes me up.) Speaking of Rainbow Connection, check out Garney's myspace tomorrow for covers of Rainbow Connection by some of your favorite artists.

Next week, Neil Diamond stops by with an extra special Radiohead Cover. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Until then...


BeckEye said...

Kermie is awesome.

Falwless said...

hahahahaha. G, you are super incredible with the impressions.

pinguino said...

that was pretty amazing