Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol: The Aftermath

Three things:

1. Chikezie is gone. I love being right. He seemed like a nice enough dude, but there was no way he was winning, so I really don't care that he left. I was kinda glad Syesha was in the bottom 3. When Ryan asked the judges "Why?" I was shouting, "Because she seems like a total bitch!" at the television. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm insane.

2. Carly is not pregnant. Apparently, Grandma was misinformed. I really wanted her to say something like, "No. Not pregnant. Just normal sized. I can see how you'd be confused," but, of course, snark is unbecoming of an Idol.

3. David Cook's version of Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean is already a radio hit! Or I heard the full length version on the radio this morning, anyway. This bodes pretty well for my lover. Ah, how I will enjoy our fancy life of caviar dreams and champaign wishes.

Until next week, friends.


Garney said...

I still say Chikezie made the best choices for the Beatles weeks... but I wasn't surprised to see him go

good call Red

Falwless said...

Yes, good call! Please remember us when you and David are flying around the world in your fancy private jet.

Heather said...

look, when you and David are sailing off into the sunset... i really hope my previous comments and general distaste for him as a person won't effect our friendship.

and i didn't hear Seacrest introduce his song the other night..... I can't be bothered till they actually start singing.

Chikezie has left the heezie!

Red said...

The three of you can have a ride in our fancy jet anytime! I am so lovely and gracious that way.

BeckEye said...

When do you, Falwless and I all go on our triple date with David, Jason and Michael?

Fox 5 News and their crack team of reporters did an "expose" on David's "song thievery" last night. This idiot reporter chick was like, "We did some investigating and found out that this version of Billie Jean wasn't original!!" Then they played the clip of David singing and right after, a clip of Chris Cornell performing the same part in concert. David. Chris. David. Chris. Back and forth. Oooh! See that! It's the same song! Then about 5 minutes into this sensational story, the chick goes, "Ryan Seacrest DID announce that David was doing Cornell's version." Uhhhh, no shit. And she still had to "do some investigating??" God, I love the news.

Although they did bring up the fact that David borrowed some band called Doxology's version of "Eleanor Rigby" and no one credited them with the arrangement. Ay caramba. David better lay off the alt-rock covers for a while. I like him.

Red said...

That's just ridiculous! It's so sad the news is even covering this. What's the world coming to?

But, yeah. Maybe a straight up cover would be better this week.

And I'm down for the triple date anytime. I'm only 2 hours away from them at this very moment!