Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey sports fans, check out this shameless self-promotion!

Dear faithful Gingers is the Watchword readers,

Thanks so much for reading our blog! And for making such witty, astute and abundant comments. We much appreciate it. We appreciate it so much in fact, that I find it hard to ask any more of you. And yet....

As some of you know, Red and I also have a sports blog called Pink Hat Nation (I'm still not entirely sure where the name comes from, but I think it had something to do with making fun of my beloved Red Sox. What. Ever.) with our friend Dave. You may also be aware that PHN has been a bit neglected in recent months and we haven't posted on it a whole lot. But that is changing! Oh yes my children, 'tis! Now that Red and I's favorite sport, baseball, is back in action, we are going to try our darndest to write more frequently for our sister blog.

So, if you have any interest in sports, or just can't get enough of our effervescent writing style, please check out PHN at I guarantee* you won't regret it!


* Guarantees will not be honored in any way.

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Red said...

Geez, Liz. Now I have to stop slacking and post something over there. Thanks a lot.

Everyone get ready for a big story about Padres Opening Night tomorrow! It will be awesome and/or a pathetic excuse for a post. One of those for sure.