Thursday, March 6, 2008

If America Got it Right Vol. III

It was an interesting week in Idol land. First, we learn David Hernandez is a former (gay?) stripper. Then, Paula spent Tuesday night spewing incoherent nonsense (Is it just me or are the judges becoming those people you hang out with who the spend the entire night telling inside jokes you don't get and stories about people you don't know? Very annoying really). So let's get back and focus on the singing. Here's who should be voted out tonight:

The Fellas
Luke Menard - C'mon, America. Enough is freaking enough with this guy.

Chikezie - This is tough, because he's not really bad, he's just not as good as all the other guys. And he comes across as bit of a douchebag and, let's face it, there's nothing America hates more than a douchebag.

On Notice
- No one. Every other guy is surprisingly worthy of his top 12 position.

The Ladies
Kady Malloy - What's the deal with people butchering Queen this season? Yikes! I think Randy needs to have a hearing test because from where I sat (on my couch of judgment) she did not nail the high notes. The entire thing was a mess.

Christy Lee Cook - I know (as Beckeye pointed out) the Idol universe would collapse if they voted off the two, pretty blond girls in the same week, but Christy needs to go. Sure, she was better this week, but still, not good enough.

On Notice
- Syesha Mercado (mainly because I don't like her and I could go on the street right now and find at least 5 girls exactly like her).

The Best - David Cook was awesome with his emo version of Hello (and I know there's a big, hunky Australian dude to drool over, but something about David does it for me) and I'm loving Brooke White. She's different, but maybe more marketable that the whole lot of them.

Song I'd Sing this Week - I'm adding this because it's fun. If I were a Season 7 Idol hopeful, I would have rocked Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. How about you?

Red out!


Falwless said...

Good lookin' out, dawg.

I mentioned on Beckeye's blog that very fact of feeling like being on the outside of an inside joke at all times. It's odd.

I, too, really really like Cook. And I'll admit, I went back and watched not only his performance again (a few times), but also Jason Castro's (a few times). Castro's vulnerable take of "Hallelujah" scored with me. He's sort of goofy, but beautiful.

I would have sung "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder.

Red said...

I thought it was funny we all mentioned the inside joke thing.

Castro's blue eyes are ridiculous.

Nice song!

BeckEye said...

I like Cook but I think I'll continue drowning Michael Johns in my saliva.

I read somewhere that someone said Jason Castro reminds them of John Travolta. Now that I read that I can almost see it. But he needs to seriously get rid of the furballs on his head.

My head would have exploded if I had to pick ONE song from the '80s to sing. Two of my faves are "Beat's So Lonely" by Charlie Sexton and "Wouldn't It Be Good" by Nik Kershaw. Problem is, neither one of them would showcase my vocal "prowness" (since we're dreaming - I am an AMAZING singer) and no one would remember either song. So, I guess if I chose a ballad I'd go with The Motels' "Only the Lonely," and if I went up-tempo, I'd do "Goodbye to You" by Scandal.

Garney said...

What I would've sang each week:
60s - These Eyes by The Guess Who
70s - Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder (or Weekend in New England by Barry Manilow)
80s - Where the Streets Have No Name by U2
next week (McCartney/Lennon) - Hey Jude

Red said...

Beckeye: John Travolta? I don't see it. I'll have to check tonight. And Goodbye to You would be a rad song.

G: Weekend in New England and Where the Streets Have No Name would make all the ladies swoon.

Heather said...

I wanna host and win every season of my own show "American 80's Idol"!

A couple of the showstoppers
Lost In Your Eyes - Debbie Gibson
Black Velvet- Alannah Myles
Time after Time- Cyndi Lauper
What About Love- Heart
I thik We're Alone Now- Tiffany
Lets Wait Awhile- Janet Jackson

that's just the begining!

Anyone wanna guest star on my show?

Liz said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - you and your reality TV.

I actually caught a few minutes of Idol last night. I saw some girl with weird hair talk about burning down her deck and then sing a song and all the judge's liked it. Is she one of the ones you like?

Red said...

Heath: I love that you would host AND win. That's hilarious...and you probably would win anyway. And you know I will guest star anytime.

Liz: Yeah. That's Amanda. We don't like Amanda...we tolerate her...barely

Falwless said...

Hellooooooo! Patrick Swayze is apparently three breaths from dead and there's no post here about it. Unacceptable!