Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If America Got it Right: Top 12

It's official...I want to marry David Cook and have ten thousand of his babies. The self-proclaimed "word-nerd" rocked Eleanor Rigby, one of my all time favorite Beatles songs. Ladies, have fun fighting over Michael Johns. I'll take David and is devilish grin.

In other news, here's who should be in the bottom 3 and sent home this week:

Syesha Mercado - Unlikeable and boring. Is there a bigger kiss of death on AI?

David Hernandez - The man can sing, but his version of I Saw Her Standing There was just dreadful.

Kristy Lee Cook - A country version of Eight Days a Week? Are you kidding me?!? Kristy should have been shipped back to Oregon, like, yesterday and, if America gets it right, should go home this week.

On Notice - Ramiele Malubay and Chikezie (I know the judges loved his performance, but I seriously didn't get it).

The Best - Carly Smithson was phenomenal. Damn, that girl can sing. I also really liked Brooke White...not so much for her singing, but for her overall performance.

The Hot Mess (I'm adding this for the performance that won't get the singer voted off, but was pretty horrible nonetheless) - David Artuleta. It's a good thing he's done well the past few weeks because his version of We Can Work it Out was a big ol' mess.

Song I'd Sing this Week - Let it Be. You?


Falwless said...

You can have David Cook (btw, I totally feel ya on this one) if I can make out with Jason Castro for, like, at least a couple hours. I don't usually like younger men or hippies with dreadlocks, but holy jesus this guy makes me want to burn my bra and grow out my armpit hair. He is proof that men can be beautiful.

I think the bottom three should be Ramiele, Kristy Lee, and David Hernandez. As for who should go home... I'm going to agree with you on the Kristy Lee.

I love the Hot Mess pick. Totally right on. Archuleta, honey, that was pure awful.

Red said...

I hereby grant you permission to make out with Jason Castro for as long as humanly possible. He is pretty dreamy. Those eyes!

I'm glad we're on the same page today, dawg!

pistols at dawn said...

I don't know what bores me more: the Beatles or never-wases singing their songs. Yawn squared.

BeckEye said...

No one is fighting over Michael Johns. He's mine. END OF DISCUSSION, WHORES.

"If I Fell" is my favorite Beatles song, but I don't know if I would've sung that one. I think "Lady Madonna" would be fun to sing.

Garney said...

I thought Chikezie was the best last night by far. He did something different and did it well. He owned the stage. What was it that you didn't get? I think you've just prejudged him as a douche and you can't be objective.

As much as I hated the country 8 Days a Week, I think enough country fans will vote for her so that she pulls through. I agree with your calls on bottom 3, but I think it will be Syesha that goes home.

I originally said I'd pick Hey Jude to sing this week, but I think I could do some interesting tweaking with The Long and Winding Road.

Red said...

I thought Chikezie was just too all over the place, but maybe you are right. Maybe I can't be objective...

Liz said...

Red, you should read Television Without Pity's "Idol" review. He hates everyone you like and vice versa, haha.

As usual, I caught the first person to sing last night when "Idol" came on after the Simpsons. I thought she was good. Apparently I'm in the minority.

Kristi Mantoni said...

Maybe you should rewatch Chikezie. He was awesome! You all can keep David and Michael. I want Danny as my gay boyfriend (as long as my current gay boyfriend won't find out)!