Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reel Resurrection: Murder by Death

Everyday, thanks to the magic that is Gmail Chat, Garney and I play a round or two of Titles, a movie game Garney made up that's way too complicated to explain here and only freaks like us are even really good at (but it's taken over my life. Now, when I see even a clip of a movie on HBO or whatever, I think of how I can use the movie for the the game. Kinda like with Tetris when I was a kid. I played so much, I started imagining how/what pieces would fit between people's head. It was a sickness). Anyway, he brought up a real gem of a film a few days I'd almost forgotten about (and that he thought he could stump me with. Didn't work. Sucka!)...called Murder by Death.

From the decade that brought you Star Wars, The Godfather and yours truly, Murder by Death is a spoof of the country house murder mystery (kinda like Clue, really). Written by Neil Simon, the story follows six of the worlds great sleuths (all send ups of Charlie Chan, Agatha Christie, Sam Spade, etc) who are invited to "dinner and a murder" at the home of an eccentric millionaire (played by Truman Capote of all people). Someone dies, the detectives go about trying to solve the murder and, let's just say, hilarity ensues. Perfect for a rainy spring night in your glorious mansion (or apartment or whatever).

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Garney said...

Yeah... I was a lot closer to stumping you with Saving Private Ryan...

Let me see if I can explain the game... alright you have two actors... no, first you think of a movie.... and then you pick 2 actors... then 2 more movies... you see it's kind of like the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game.... you're right it's too complicated to explain here

you have to sort of play it to figure it out, but it's awesome