Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If America Got it Right: Top 11

Even before Simon said it last night, I was thinking Beatles Night: Part Deux was a mistake. Other than Little Davey Artuleta (and, as much as it pains me to say, Syesha Mercado) every performance was a bit of a let down from last week. And Simon was seriously grumpy! (Someone get that man a puppy or something) I'm having a hard time deciding the bottom 3, so I'm gonna pick the top 3 instead:

David Artuleta - The Long and Winding Road is one of my favorite Beatles songs and he did a lovely rendition. I don't know if it was "Amazing" (as Simon said) but it was very good and re-instated David as the guy to beat.

Carly Smithson - It was nice to see Carly use her lower register and still belt out the high notes. Simon hated the song choice. How can any self respecting Englishman not love Blackbird?!? He's ridiculous sometimes.

David Cook - Maybe it was a bit predictable, but I thought he rocked Whitesnake's (ha!) version of Daytripper. And the vocoder was rad.

I thought Michael Johns was good (even though the judges hated it). A Day in the Life is classic Beatles and his arrangement was solid. I still didn't feel Chikiezie, but ultimately, it's time (just like it was last week) for pretty blond girls to go back to their farms. Later, Kristy Lee.

The Hot Mess - Brooke White. Brooke, honey, don't dance. Better yet, don't move at all.

Who is your favorite Beatle? - Since we picked the songs we'd sing last week, a new question this week. My favorite Beatle is George Harrison. For all my reasons, see A Hard Days Night and try not to drool.


Garney said...

I don't know who the bottom three will be, but it should be the rocker girl who took too long to make Back in the USSR sound decent, the flip who sang Should Have Known Better who should have picked a more difficult song, and the one who should go home is Michael Johns for his terrible Minute-and-a-Half in the Life. Having read the BOOK?! WTF Mate? If you're going to butcher a song at least sing the right lyrics.

As for your top 3, I agree with your first choice but the other two best were Sayesha singing Yesterday (but I still don't like her) and Chikezie's I've Just Seen a Face (I think he's a great performer and he's the only one who made great interesting song choices both weeks).

John was the most talented and artistic Beatle but he was also the most pretentious so by default George has also always been my favorite. He may not have written as many songs, but the ones he did write were always one of the best on the album.

BeckEye said...

I've always been a Paul girl.

I loved Michael last night too. I always loved him. I even voted, which I NEVER do. Good Lord. What I wouldn't do to that boy. Whatever disgusting things Falwless has planned for Castro, multiply that by 69 and that's what I have in store for Johns if I ever get my hands on him.

BeckEye said...

Hmm, just saw Garney's comment after I hit submit. Well, I'm huffing and puffing now.

2nd verse (not same as the first):
I saw a film today oh, boy
The English army had just won the war
A crowd of people turned away
But I just had to look
Having read the book

"Having read the book" is in the song. I think the problem was that he tried to condense the song so much that he got confused with the verses. He sang what sounded like "A crowd of news was rather small," which is like a mish-mash of parts of the 1st, 2nd and 4th verses. And he said the book part twice. But whatever, no one noticed because he covered it well. And he looked damn good doing it.

Liz said...

George is my favorite too. Paul is a little too squeaky clean, John was a bit of an a-hole, and Ringo is, well, Ringo.

Garney said...

all my life I always thought John was singing Having read the play... but I guess I've just been hearing it wrong...

I still say he was the weakest last night. He should have picked something else. I think he would have done a good job with Strawberry Fields Forever or Fixing a Hole or Help which are all fantastic songs that would yield much better 90 second versions.

BeckEye said...

Do I have to smear on some heavy black eye makeup and film a LEAVE MICHAEL JOHNS ALONE video??

I'd actually like to make a video about Michael Johns. Actually, with Michael Johns. Actually, whilst atop Michael Johns.

Falwless said...

Beckeye cracks me up.

First, just to be super annoying, it's Archuleta, with a 'ch.' Listen, no one can be quite as falwless as me, it's understandable.

I totally agree with your top 3 except instead of David A. insert Jason C.

Into my vagina.


Falwless said...

Wait a sec. Don't insert, like, all of him (ouch?), just his you-know-what. Wink wink.

Red said...

Fal: HAHA! Hilarious. I didn't think JC did as well this week, but he's still supremely dreamy.

And thanks for the spelling correction. I can't really be bothered to check the spelling of names and shit. Won't happen again.

doorknob_dan said...


Your vagina joke made me lose it. And it scared me.

Heidi said...

I'm John Lennon reincarnated. Yeah, my math is a little off but it's true! It's the only thing that can explain how this man moves me.

doorknob_dan said...

I uh, refrain from commenting on the Beatles stuff. Except to say that I really really hate them. I can finally admit this to myself.


('Cept George Harrison)

Red said...

Dan: I think your hatred of The Beatles is a deal breaker. Our e-engagement was fun while it lasted. Have a nice life!

doorknob_dan said...


Well it was fun while it lasted...and in 9 months my phone will be out of service, just FYI. For 18 years.

But seriously - Okay, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and the early stuff could qualify as kickass. But by the time Yellow Submarine came 'round, holy crapoli, batman! And the whole psychadelic stuff? Groan.

Friends don't let friends write stuff while on copious amounts of LSD.

Red said...

I will grant you, the psychedelic stuff wasn't their finest moment, but Let it Be, their last official single in 1970 or whatever, is one of the greatest songs ever. You can't say their later stuff wasn't good. You just can't. I, with my red hair, order you not to!

doorknob_dan said...

You win.

I love the Beatles now.


Yes, let it be was alright. Okay okay, they're not BAD, except McCartney.

Red said...

Fair enough. Argument settled.