Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If America Got It Right: Top 10

So, my grandma called me tonight and asked if Carly Smithson is preggers. She said there's a rumor going around that one of the ladies is pregnant and she assumed it's Carly . I love that my grandma is cooler than me and knows all the hot gossip. Looks like the rumor is all over the internet, but who knows if it's really true.

Anyway, on to the show. For the most part, the kids were really good this week, but here's who I think should be sent home:

Ramiele Malubay - No one should ever try and sing Alone (especially after Carrie Underwood killed it season 4). I don't think Ramiele will go (those Asians vote like crazy!), but she really should.

Chikezie - Seems he's only "on" when jumping around like a madman. He went back to his old Luther Vandross comfort zone and, though he sounded good, seemed about as young and relevant as Mr. Burns. I think he'll go home this week.

David Archuleta - Obviously, never in a million years will Little David get the boot tonight, but his performance was pretty weak. I kept waiting for my High School Showchoir to come out and sing back-up for him.

The Best - David Cook. Holy, Lord. His Billy Jean was phenomenal. Also, Michael Johns finally gave a performance worthy of his pretty face.

The Hot Mess - No one really. Syesha, Brooke and Carly all kinda fell apart towards the end of their songs, but no one could be called a hot tranny mess. Even Kristy Lee (God help us) sounded good (even if I loathe that song. Again, serious showchoir flashbacks).

Song I'd Sing This Week - Here You Come Again by Dolly Parton (1978)

Your turn...


Garney said...

You're right about David Cook being the best this week, and Michael Johns was better but I was a little disappointed that he wussed out on the higher part of We Are the Champions. I wasn't that impressed.

Ramiele deserves to be bottom 3 but she won't be. The fact that she's sick will only get her sympathy votes on top of the built-in Asian fan base that will keep her in until at least the top 5.

David Archuleta I think also has that built in fanbase where he won't be bottom 3 either, even though I think he should be just for picking that stupid song even though he sounded fine singing it.

For once I agree with your assessment of Chikezie. And he probably will make bottom 3 but I think he appealed to enough voters that he won't be sent home.

I think the other bottom 2 will be Brooke and Carly, and I think Brooke is going to go home.

Being born in 1977 I'd sing something from Billy Joel's The Stranger. As much as I'd love to do Scenes From an Italian Restaurant, I wouldn't try and butcher it into however much time was permitted. Just the Way You Are and She's Always a Woman are both beautiful songs but probably too boring. I think I'd go with the less popular but more dynamic Vienna.

Falwless said...

Gotta disagree with G. There's no way Brooke will go home.

I think bottom three will be Ramiele, Kristy Lee, and Chikezie with Chikezie's time being up. He's going home tonight.

Heather said...

I thought David Cook did a great performance. HOWEVER, i don't appreciate the way he keep taking credit for singing other folks versions of songs. The judges were GUSHING, "You're so smart and brave and creative and blah blah blah!"

But that was Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame)

And the Eleanor Rigby version he did a couple weeks ago was a version by a band called Doxology.

I'm not hatin on David for singing these songs, he seriously rocked them both.. but then he acted all proud by the judges comments and decided to let them believe he was brilliant.

Red said...

First of all, he's not taking credit for the arraignments. Seacrest clearly said it was Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean. I don't think anyone thinks he's reinventing these songs himself, but he IS singing them damn well...and that's why the judges are gushing.

And 2, they have seven days to pick a song, have the band learn it, record it, make it amazing and perform it in front of millions of people. Who has time to create a completely new arrangement? I think he's smart to pick these songs...songs people know and love...and sing them in the style he will cultivate as an artist.

Basically, get off his back Heather! Don't make me come up there and regulate!!!

Love you! :)

BeckEye said...

Michael is NOT "pretty." He is a hot, sexy, juicy piece of rugged Outback steak just begging for me to sink my teeth into him.


Whoa, how did I get on your blog? I must've blacked out there for a sec...

BeckEye said...

Oh, and I can't believe you'd burn "Here You Come Again," when Dolly is visiting NEXT week. Jeez, Red. Song selection is key! You need to think these things through a little more. You need to start taking this competition a little more seriously.

Red said...

I know, right? In my defense, I picked it before I realized it was Dolly week next week, but trust me. There are never a shortage of Dolly songs I could sing :)