Monday, March 3, 2008

Mazal Tov!

You can sort of already see what their kids would look like, no?

In “Holy crap how am I just hearing this now?!?!” news, Rilo Kiley guitarist Blake Sennett and Winona Ryder are engaged!

Rilo Kiley is a personal favorite of this half of the Watchword (and their super rad front woman is a ginger) and you all recently found out about my love for Winona. I suppose this pairing makes sense, if only because Saks’ best customer has been known to date a rock star or 30, and - like the aforementioned singing ginger front woman - Blake Sennett was a child actor. Blake is also one of the more underrated band boys out there today: he’s written some great songs and done some fab guitar work for the Kiley, and his side band The Elected is very good too. But he’s always in Jenny Lewis’ shadow. Maybe this will mean a little more well-deserved attention for the Blakester.

Pinksy and Veronica Sawyer have found love. Congrats kids!


Nathaniel said...

Isn't she much older than him?

Red said...

She's 5 years older.

Blake is also from San Diego, so add that to the list of coincidences with this here blog.

Jenny better watch her vintage dresses when the happy couple comes for visit.