Friday, March 21, 2008

My Current Obsessions

I know you are all a bunch of godless heathens, so I'm not gonna even bother to wish you a Good Friday or Happy Easter. Just devour your chocolate and be done with it. Instead of talking about Jesus, I'm gonna talk about me, me, me (a refreshing change of pace, no?). Here are some things I am obsessed with at the moment:

The Guttenberg - I finally watched Ladies Night of DWTS last night (Kristy Yamaguchi is pretty much winning this thing. We all know this, right? And Marlee Matlin blew me a-freaking-way!), but the best part of the night was the 5 seconds Tom Bergeron spent with The Guttenberg. Wow! He's so awesome.

She & Him - Thanks to Sharon and The Back Story for linking to the new album from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. It's very, like, Loretta Lynn meets Hem mixed with the Ronnettes. I can't stop listening to it!

Last Restaurant Standing - Is anyone else watching this BBC America show? It's basically the foodie version of The Apprentice (which I stopped watching ages ago) and pits 9 couples against each other to establish a successful restaurant. The winners will open their own restaurant with fancy French chef Raymond Blanc. I just realized, I watched 4 hours of reality television last night. I think I have a problem...

This post was really just an excuse to post another picture of The Guttenberg.


Falwless said...

I've long been aware of my reality TV problem.

Thanks for the heads-up on Last Restaurant Standing! I'm totally adding it to the DVR. You've been watching Top Chef, right? I completely agreed with the judges on their decision to let that last chick go.

Also, I've been meaning to say this since Monday. Is Priscilla Presley not the most horrific PSA for staying free of the Botox? Oh my JESUS that lady is scaaare-yyyy!

Red said...

Top Chef is the best! I thought the challenge this week was awesome. And that chick definitely needed to go.

Priscilla IS scary. I mean, The Guttenberg may have had some work, but he still looks like a human! What would Elvis think?

BeckEye said...

I prefer the silver unitard, but that's just me.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the link love, miss! What's your email? I can send you the SendSpace for the full She & Him album. Or Liz can. Whatever you prefer! xx

Red said...

Yes! Please!

Love The Back Story, btw

pistols at dawn said...

My question with music is always: "Is it the Dave Clark Five? Then who needs it?"