Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Radiohead Covers Vol. 2

And now, by popular demand, Christopher Walken sings Radiohead's My Iron Lung...

(Btw...this sounds even better in person)

Click here to view other possible Radiohead covers and let us know what you'd like to hear next.


BeckEye said...


I'm still requesting a Britney version of "Just" because the way it sounds in my head is hilarious. Maybe I'll write to Kady Malloy and ask her to do it. She's not doing anything these days.

Red said...

Yeah. I don't think Garney does a very good Britney. Tell Kady I'll pay her a whole dollar if she'll sing it for us.

Garney said...

I've never really tried to do a Britney impression... don't write me off that easily... could you have guessed how good my Cher ended up being?

BeckEye said...

If you can fake an orgasm and make a creaking door sound, you can do a Britney impression.

Firme Pistolera said...

Bravo, Garney.
I'm glad I finally checked this out.
Did you ever find anyone to do Brit?
I've played with "Hit me Baby" before, maily because its fun to exagerate the way she saays, " was I supposed to know."
I've never considered the covers she could be doing.
I've also never imperssinated her while sober so......theres that.